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How To Put on Fat

In order to understand how to lose weight, it would be extremely useful to look at the reasons we get fat or even how to put on fat. The following is an observation of life in Britain today and the continual pressures put on our subconscious minds by those companies wanting us to purchase their products.

Sometimes Only Coffee Will Do!

So…on the way into the office this morning, bleary eyed from a little late night socialising, I placed my order for an americano with hot milk.  Waiting at the side for my coffee I watched the barista open a dark brown cupboard underneath the counter.  It was full to the brim with brown cardboard boxes.   Each one labelled muffins, tiffin, brownies reaching far back on the shelf.  I was just struck by this thought : what is that?  Vacuum packed and sealed in plastic with no room to breathe, how fresh is that and why are you eating it?


Real Health food

The short answer is that we have come to recognise this as food.  The problem is our bodies don’t and there in lies the issue!  When we sit down to eat our brain is looking for nutrients (not counting calories) and it will prompt you to eat (this is a hormonal response, willpower doesn’t stand a chance) until that need is satisfied.  That’s why it is so much harder to eat only one biscuit from the packet, one scoop of ice-cream from the tub, one quality street (empty calories) than to eat until full on good quality nutrient-dense meat and vegetables smothered in a lovely warm buttery sauce!  You can never satisfy genuine physical hunger with empty calories.

So I passed on the tiffin, wrapped my hands around my coffee and headed back out into the street.  Sometimes it’s good to have a reality check.

Weight Loss – Weight Gain

As for how to put on fat, well although the vast majority are looking to do the opposite, this is what most of us are doing on a daily basis. Consumption of refined carbohydrate contained in manufactured foods are directly related to an increase in adipose tissue. The sad fact is refined carbs do much more harm than merely adding additional fat, they are also linked to many of the diseases we have in society today. So If you want to know how to put on fat, simply increase carbohydrate intake. If you want to lose fat, do the opposite. If you want to lose fat and live long, avoid all refined carbohydrate.

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