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Dieting Doesn’t Work

stick-your-neck-outSometimes you just got to stick your neck out.

And turning to a natural diet from Paleo Works may be just such a time.  When all around you friends are ‘dieting‘ frantically for the “spring summer season” and challenging your paleo principles you need to hold your ground, keep focussed and show ‘em what can be done with common sense.

Because dieting is not the answer.  Dieting doesn’t work.  Dieting doesn’t nourish, dieting is difficult to maintain and dieting make you feel terrible.  The clue is in the first four letters of the word!

The word diet means simply this: food and drink that is regularly provided and consumed.  Nowhere in that definition does it say restrictive, lacking, MEAN, small portions or low-fat.  And when we talk about the Paleo Works “diet” we are looking at much more than eating, we are looking at a lifestyle that transforms.  Simply by cooking your own food you regain control.  And the emphasis in paleo  is on “how” not why, not yet,  you can and will want to  learn that later.  Paleo is telling you what not to eat, not passing you ready made meals in sachets, bars and shakes.  We are telling you how to eat.

As ‘paleoistas’, we eat nutrient dense food.  And science supports this choice.

There are no gimmicks, no supplements, we are not selling anything, we don’t send you out with pre-packaged food because we don’t think you can cope on your own – for sure, what kind of a message is that telling you?  And our “diet” is based around real food.

And real food gives you plenty of options without limits.

Some think that when they see how a caveman style diet avoids grains, legumes, sugar and sometimes dairy that this is a fad diet.  Some think that “no grains” is a tall order.  Why?  Well, perhaps because all we see out there is processed food.  And our attention is constantly pushed to external advertising as all the big companies want you to spend money and buy into their new food products.  The majority of which are based on processed grains, high fructose corn syrup and colouring.  Because it’s cheap and turns a  good profit.  Where’s the big easy mark up in eggs and meat?  In this way they distract us to such a point that we forget real food exists.

Life is based on evolution.  Mike Paleo says “humanity is standing on the precipice of change and the western pattern diet is steering us on a collision course with our own destiny“.  Never have we faced such choice, such ease such comfort and luxury.  Do you think we would have evolved as a species if bronze age man had found himself in such comfort and luxury?  No because there is nothing to fight against nothing to propel us forward as a species.  Our diet is robbing us of our existence: and yes, it’s as fundamental as that.

This paleo diet offers you a lifestyle combined with a template for eating.  Paleo is generous and good to us.  There are no calorie limits or restrictions, no “macronutrient” ratios – no – we have to work this out for ourselves.  We have to get involved and make this diet work for our own goals, our own needs and our own life.  And then tweak it til you get it right.  And just like that, life falls back into our control as we learn how to diet and live longer.

We can support you as you evolve but just like those cavemen, the work, the drive must come from you.  This is not a short term answer but it is a solution based on science, evolution and physiology.  Take comfort in the fact that the paleo “path” has stood the test of time, hundreds of thousands of years of time in fact so that:

“We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us — the labyrinth is thoroughly known” Joseph Campbell

Paleo Soup and Mark Radcliffe


Paleo Bacon and Pumpkin Soup

Took a trip into town tonight to hear Mark Radcliffe (Ilkley Literature Festival)share some wit and wisdom through song memories.  He was so good, sharp and funny.  If you can, listen out for him on 6 on BBC radio between 1 and 4 in the afternoon (GMT). He talked us through Cliff Richard and the Monkees, from Canned Heat to Joy Division, through the miners’ strike and the Battle of Orgreave Colliery to The Smiths reminding us all how grim it is up North to those down South and poking fun at the price of cheese on Toast at the tea rooms down the road..

It’s been warm today and sunny although the temperature dropped this evening and I think on reflection, that bare legs and heels was a trifle optimistic given the frost we chipped off the car windscreen on the way back but hey you can’t blame a girl for trying!

So, I thought I would share this delicious paleo soup recipe which we cooked slowly this afternoon and ate before heading out.  It was a bacon and pumpkin soup.

Please note that using a pumpkin to cook in this paleo soup is considered pretty “rad” (do people still say that) in West Yorkshire and this from a girl who thirty years ago spent two days hollowing out a turnip (A TURNIP!) for Hallowe’en given that  pumpkins had not made it across the Atlantic (or something) and yes I still have the blisters.

I am pleased to report that pumpkin is now common place in Ilkley this time of year.  To make the paleo style soup you need bacon, pumpkin, celery, onion, sage and water.  Cook the bacon slowly in a large stock pan to allow it to render up the fat.  After a while chuck in some onion, celery and a large sprig of sage and let it all cook up together in the bacon fat.  Smells amazing…..when the vegetables begin to soften, add a cup of water and scrape those sticky bits off the bottom of the pan.  Add the (de-skinned, de-seeded) pumpkin pieces you chopped up whilst you let the bacon cook and about another 5 cups of water and let it all bubble up and cook down.  Later blitz it in batches through the blender.  I kept back some of the bacon chunks to garnish the bowls and served up with an optional swirl of Greek yoghurt.

So this ones for you Mark our paleo soup and a great evening.

Try it, this dish shouts Autumn to me.  The season changing, enjoy it and keep in touch.
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