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Calorie Counting: Doesn’t Add Up


Misleading labels like this serve little purpose.

Firstly focusing on removing hundreds of calories from your diet is totally the wrong approach, as to think of calorie restriction being the answer to your weight problem is a disaster waiting to happen. Weight gain is directly linked to the production of a hormone called Insulin, controlling it’s production is the key to not just a healthy weight but to avoiding a whole host of modern diseases.

Here are 10 everyday tastier, more satisfying, healthy alternatives to the low calorie/low fat option, that will result in effortless weight loss and optimal health for those willing to try.

Hold the Toast

Cut out the toast completely if you want to lose weight and avoid some very nasty diseases, it contains refined sugar and concentrated carbohydrate which turns to glucose (sugar) during digestion. This in turn causes an Insulin response which means these sugars are now stored as fat. Throw away your margarines and all low fat spreads they will make you fat and sick. The fat in butter on the other hand is good, spread it on almond or flaxseed bread for a completely healthy alternative.

Tea or Coffee?

Sugar addiction is at the heart of the obesity pandemics, not just the refined pure versions but the hidden sugars within processed foods. If you really don’t want to give up the sweetness in a cuppa use honey though this in moderation but definitely not artificial sweeteners. Milk, all pasteurised homogenised milk is bad for many reasons. One of the main reasons we’re told to drink it is it’s high in Calcium. The altered chemical make-up of milk and lack of magnesium due to processing means the Calcium cannot be absorbed by the body. Also the body can only absorb calcium in an alkaline state, milk is acidic and therefore needs to consumed in the presence of alkaline foods such as most though not all fruit and vegetables. Obtain all the calcium you need from sardines, white bait, leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds. Sardines have three times the calcium of semi-skimmed milk. Though if like me you really want milk and are lucky enough to live near a supplier, go for the raw milk option. This is milk that hasn’t gone through the damaging processes in order to prolong its life and make it more transportable.

Chewing the fat…

Fat does not make you fat, fat is packaged very nicely to be used by the body as instant energy. There is no proven science to back up the claims that saturated fats cause heart disease or weight gain. It is a fundamental requirement and should be savored not avoided. Without saturated fat food has no flavor, which is why manufacturers add sugar to make the food tasty. Tran’s fats (artificial hydrogenated oils) on the other hand cause many problems, including weight gain due to their carbohydrate loading and imbalance of omega 6’s. Get rid of vegetable, sunflower, rape and corn oils, margarines, low-fat spreads.

Fry Crisp and Dry?

Never ever cook with processed oils, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated for reasons given above. Olive oil for low temperate cooking or for everything else: Coconut oil, Ghee, Butter, Lard, Goose, Beef Dripping or any other saturated animal fats you have lying around are great.

Going against the Grain!

Bread will derail your weight loss goals more than almost anything else. Though whole grain is better as it takes longer to digest, white should be avoided all together. There are many associated health reasons to remove bread from your diet completely. Leave grains to the crows and pigeons they’re far better equipped to digest it than you are.

You’ve got to be yolking!

Eggs are great, all eggs, the whole egg. We’ve been eating them since the dawn of time and before…chicken, duck, goose, crocodile…whatever, just enjoy them!

Fish out of Water?

Fish in brine or olive oil is great, sunflower oil is very bad…tomato sauce goes without mention.

Cheese-free pizza (like fish without water)

Pizza with no cheese? Never, it’s not the saturated fat in the cheese that makes us fat, it’s the bread base. Unfortunately you will have to ask for these to be made specially or make yourself at home. Make meatza which replaces bread base with an minced beef, egg and almond flour mix. Or if you want a crusty base choose almond or coconut flour, butter and eggs. On top of this throw on your favourites bacon, sausage(gluten free), liver, tomato, anchovies, mushrooms, think you get the picture.

Bun-free burgers – Heaven

Definitely burgers without buns however not for any reason associated to either fat or calorie content but everything to do with controlling refined carbohydrate and sugar consumption.

Fries to Go?

Well the standard potato variety will have to due to the high starch content which has a dramatic effect on blood sugar, couple this with cooking in manufactured oil and you have a pretty potent cocktail that’s not just going to add those extra pounds but can have a pretty dramatic effect on long term health due to high levels of trans fats which are particularly bad. Though all is not lost as there are healthy alternatives that taste a whole lot better too. Use sweet potato or Celeriac root to make chips and fry in beef dripping or coconut oil.

Who said Chips weren’t healthy!

Remember: It’s all about the Insulin!!

Ok so that’s it as you will find there are plenty of real healthy alternatives which will leave you in optimal health.

Obesity, weight gain and sickness are not a bi-product of ageing. They’re result of industrial foods, bad advice and intensive marketing.

No More Crying over Spilt Milk..


A step in the wrong direction.

With alarming news in today’s Express that Marks & Spencer, the trusted retailer and grocer of the UK high street coming up with what’s been described as ‘Miracle milk’ or ‘Super Healthy Milk’, we thought it only right to set one or two things straight before you all dash off to stock up.

To help get the message across we have decided to re-vamp an earlier article on Milk – Nourishing or Nasty

Firstly we had Pasteurisation, then Semi Skimmed, Skimmed followed as a result of the war on fats. Then homogenised, why? So that it can be kept longer and travel further. Why does this matter? Research shows homogenisation is directly attributed to hardening of the arteries which leads to more deaths annually than Cancer. Pasturisation not only kills all the beneficial bacteria but also alters the make up of the calcium into an insoluble form that cannot be absorbed by humans or animals. Bang goes THE main reason we’re told to drink it.

So what about this ‘Miracle Milk’ with all the saturated fats taken out? Well it may surprise you to know that not all fats are bad. In fact the healthy dietary fats we seem hell bent on removing from milk are actually essential to our well being, which includes weight management. As a result contrary to the intentions behind it’s development.

This stuff will make you fat!

Further issue to this news is that the retail farmers producing it will be guaranteed a fixed price as part of the scheme removing the uncertainty of the milk industry’s price fluc­tuations giving them greater security. Well all very well, depending on who you are of course, as it almost definitely ensures those farmers still allowed to produce the real stuff (raw milk) will never get a look in.

Not a good idea M&S, stick to bras n pants.

So there you have it and as you probably guessed, we won’t be crying over any of this spilt milk.

Further insight into the history of milk and reasons you should always when available choose the real natural option (Green Top) are given below:

Milk – Nourishing or Nasty?


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