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Positive Mental Attitude and Tea


Shin Beef and Winter Veg

There is a fundamental part of us that is not physical that existed before we were born and that will continue long into the night.  This is our essence, never changing, constant.  And it is this part when connected with our physical bodies that gave us and continues to give us  – life.

What do you give back?

How well are you looking after this magical, mystical gift?

There are many ways to give back, to honour this presence.  The first and simplest way is to provide a safe, vibrant, healthy place to live and that means taking care of your body!  Accept this responsibility with gratitude and love for make no mistake, it is your responsibility and one to which you must commit.  That’s part of the deal.

If you moved into a house and over time the walls began to crumble, the windows bowed, the door frames stuck and all of this was visible from the outside in, you would do something about it!  You would not be content with less.  You would fix things one step at a time.  Do the same for your body, do the same for your life.

On some days it helps us to imagine the life inside as this spirit, this essence, gracing our body with movement and vitality and to see our objective as “holding” this essence, nourishing this essence to secure the best in life.  Like precious water contained in an earthenware vase.  Love it and treat it well!

How-to-dietTonight we ate a good paleo tea which all of us enjoyed.  We slow cooked the shin beef  for eight hours with lots of spices and prepared sweet potatoes in jackets, slices of roast butternut squash and roasted kale for those feeling hungry!

We had pudding but it was a taste only: strawberries and whipped-up coconut


Strawberries and Whipped Coconut Milk

milk which seems to be popular on the paleo circuit  We finish with a cup of tea and talk about our busy day.

Sweet Potato Love!

sweet potato loveSweet potato love.  Why? well these guys are quite amazing!

Did you know sweet potatoes can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain? They contain Vitamin B6, which your body needs for just that – and these neurotransmitters are essential for mood balancing. Sweet potatoes are nutrient dense so again, you won’t experience a peak and trough in your blood sugar and they contain slow-release energy to sustain you during the day.

Bake sweet potatoes in their jackets with a knob of butter and some star anise grated and sprinkled on top.  Wrap in tin foil and cook at 180 C then serve with baked ham and sauce for a rich warm buttery meal. Mash sweet potatoes with a spoonful of sour cream.   Or cut the sweet potato into 1cm cubes, fry off with coconut oil and some spices and add a dash of water and cover.  Leave to bubble and cook until tender then add some fresh coriander and chilli for some mood busting endorphins and add chopped spring onions to the mix before serving.  Top with a poached or fried egg and this makes a great comfort meal for a busy weekday.  Did you know that eggs are also mood boosters?  It’s the folic acid they contain.  Also eggs are protein rich and fat rich and don’t cause fluctuations in blood sugar.  Ideal!

So, if you are tempted to comfort eat during these winter months, crave sugar-loaded carbohydrates and cake as your body tries to build up a buffer for winter and wondering what would hit the spot on a paleo style diet: try the humble sweet potato! Eating refined carbohydrates such as cake and biscuits (tempting as you may think they are) will cause spikes in blood sugar leading to slumps and more misery as you face the drop in temperature when you open your front door and the icy blasts of economic misery that follow us all after Christmas.  So don’t do it!  High carbohydrate dishes such as lasagne or shepherd’s pie do nothing for your mood (or waistband or your overall health) as the insulin spike caused by the instant carbohydrate hit has immediate consequences involving sugar slumps and low mood.  As the temperature drops, choose warming paleo foods and eat well to keep your mood  balanced and upbeat.  In this way, you will be giving yourself the energy to tackle all life throws at you head on!  Give yourself a head start and enjoy.

What’s your top mood busting paleo meal?  We would love to hear from you!

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