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Healthy Lifestyles: Just walking the dog….

Running-dog-graphicWatching out the window at work I saw a family walking their dog..  There was a mum walking with the aid of two sticks and three large teenage children all carrying surplus pounds and looking tight and uncomfortable..  The dog was on the end of a long lead, one of those retractable ones (lead not dog).  They had chosen to walk him at the band stand – a tiny patch of green and when I say walk er… of the teenagers stood in the middle of this pocket sized patch of green and let the dog run round in circles at the end of the lead. Maximum effort for the dog, minimum effort for the girl.  It made me dizzy watching as the dog span round and round.  Leaping, joyous, full of life and energy such a contrast to his owners huddled together on the bench..  The small pocket sized patch of grass seemed such a metaphor for a life cut off, encircled and enclosed by fat.  Why do we settle for this half life: is it learned helplessness?

When I was at my heaviest I despaired of ever breaking free of the cycle of overeating and weight gain.  It felt hopeless.  I ate as directed, round and round: low fat, fat-free, low sugar, sugar free no trans fats, 100% this, wholegrain that but the weight continued to pile on at an alarming rate.  It took me years to realise that just because a food product says its good for you, doesn’t mean it is!

The dietary advice out there is out there for all the wrong reasons.  We are educated by business and industry, by advertising and specifically a food industry that wants to drive forward its vested interests.  Do you think they have our best interests at heart?

Eat supportive foods.  Look we eat beef, pork, bacon, chicken, seafood, eggs, green leafy vegetables, squash, avocados, tomatoes, vegetable salads, nuts, berries, cream, butter, cheese, olive oil, water, tea, coffee red wine, tequila and many more.  We don’t eat bread, cereal, pasta, grains, sugar, sweets, corn, beans, legumes, peanuts, processed food and anything with fructose added. The former are the foods included in the PaleoWorks Challenge (also known as a caveman or stone-age style diet) The difference is remarkable but you will never know unless you try it for yourself!

Don’t settle for compromise.  Find out how ‘Paleo’ works.  In going against the grain of conventional advice and wisdom you will start to discover the truth.

Quote of the Day – “Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World’s Healthiest and Longest-Lived People”

Coke sugar analysisNearly a third of all calories in the average American diet today come from refined sugar and corn syrup. Food manufacturers put such massive amounts of refined sugars in foods for a simple reason — to stimulate appetite….People eating highly refined and processed foods typically consume 25 percent more calories than those on a more natural diet – “Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World’s Healthiest and Longest-Lived People

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