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Lighter Life Review and Why Paleo Works

Linda-Robson-after-lighter-lifeLets review the Lighter Life diet and compare it to optimal nutrition to see why Paleo Works better.

Did you catch the Saturday supplement for the Daily Mail this week?  There’s a picture of Linda Robson smiling from the front cover.  Having watched Pauline Quirke lose a “gob smacking” 8 1/2 stones on Lighter Life, Linda has followed suit  and lost a stunning 3 stone.  Smiling broadly and wearing a glamour puss gold lame dress….so why does this raise alarm bells?

Both women were very large, obese, maybe morbidly obese.  Linda-Robson-before-lighter-lifeBoth women have lost weight on a very low calorie diet (lighter life).  These diets offer very fast weight loss which can make the diet feel like a success.  But (and here’s the problem): sustainability.  And here too is the diet trap for most of us: the fact that when we introduce real food back into our diet we put weight back on.  To counteract this, we are told to eat smaller portions and face a life – time of measuring and balancing our food to keep the weight off.  Doesn’t sound like fun and it isn’t fun is it?  And it’s not surprising therefore that we fail and then blame ourselves for the failure to maintain the spectacular results…’s not long before the weight is back on and more.

What we know is this: it is not you that has failed, it’s the diet.  It’s the flawed science behind the diets that lets you down in all sorts of ways and can leave you with an altered metabolic state, low muscle mass and other issues such as hair loss, low blood pressure and for women, altered monthly cycles….

The key point is this: any diet will make you lose weight.  Eat less and you will lose weight.  Starvation does this…but what you want is the key to keeping the weight off and what you want is long term results.  The less hungry you are, the more weight you are likely to lose.  It’s the absence of hunger that allows you to make healthful choices easily and effectively.  Manage your hunger and weight loss will follow.

For hunger management and weight loss that magic key is ketosis.  You want to change your eating habits so that your body burns fat for energy not sugar and not starch…And YES very low calorie diets push you into ketosis but they do this through starvation..with the inevitable weight gain when you go back to eating real food.

Experience has shown that to lose weight, manage your hunger and keep weight off, you must be eating foods that satisfy you long term as well as foods that force your body into fat burning mode.  The science is simple for this: ketosis; focus on replacing calories obtained from carbs with fat and drop the sugar and starch (carbohydrates) from your diet.  Your body doesn’t need carbohydrates it can produce all the “sugar” it needs through the liver and a process known as gluconeogenesis.

So what to take from all this: that VLC Diets do it the hard way and force you into ketosis through starvation. The limited foods you do eat are still detrimental to your health and rest assured there is no surer way to obesity than low calorie dieting.  That eating a paleo/primal diet (eating like our ancestors ate) coupled with intermittent fasting and other weight management tools can drive you into ketosis but with you in control.  Move your diet away from carbohydrates!

Why Paleo Works? There is no portion control or calorie counting, no boot camp, pre-packaged meals synthetic shakes or mysterious powders.  Just real food and this is surely key:  if we are to manage our weight we have to do it using real food.  We teach you optimal nutrition: let us show you how!

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Dash Diet v Paleo Diet: Which is the Best?


The Dash Diet was voted best overall by US News & World Report

No surprise here when considering the forces at work and the resources available.  Millions crying out for a solution to the obesity problem and avoid the diseases only present in modern societies. What do we get? A corrupt poll to shore up the propaganda. Who benefits? The food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the sugar barons, governments, politicians, business leaders. Who loses? you!

Why? Well to rank a diet that actively promotes weight gain and disease by making carbohydrate and grain one of the majorWrong-way-road-sign components is bad enough, but to compound the issue by encouraging a high fructose intake in the form of canned fruits and juices, and promoting the consumption of manufactured oils, syrups, jams and low fat products is nothing short of incompetence. The foods and proportions recommended are so wrong it’s shameful malpractice by the parties responsible.

The Dash diet is said to form the basis of the USDA food pyramid, not necessarily a good thing however as Nora Gedgaudas  points out  “No human society in history has consumed a diet remotely resembling what the USDA Pyramid suggests as optimal”.

Follow this link to a Daily Mail report on a similar poll (Caveman diet voted best way to lose weight by readers of a report that found it least effective) which demonstrates that it is robust profiteering and marketing behind all of the well known diets we hear of in the media.

Don’t be taken in by this irresponsible journalism and believe that because the government recommended it, it’s got to be right, wrong.  If high carbohydrate, grain based, low fat diets were working for sustainable weight loss and were working in the war against obesity, why are we so fat?

Caveman diet beats all comers...

Find out why it’s not, find out how we got in this mess and more importantly which really is the best diet. The diet that came last is factually the worlds healthiest diet.  Why did it come bottom? No individual or company owns this diet so it’s difficult to corrupt, yes I did say corrupt as you will learn from the evidence on our site this is not a nice story. You see although a paleo/caveman/stoneage/primal (call it what you like) style diet is the worlds healthiest diet, it is at the same time extremely politically sensitive as if it were to become mainstream which is looking more and more likely, it has the power to threaten global security and destabilise governments.  This is the reason no government will presently back it…though this may be their downturn.  However of course in reality this is highly unlikely, as you and I know they are extremely adapt at U-turns.  A far more likely outcome is that due to increased pressure they simply adopt it as their own  and tell us what a wonderful idea they have come up with.

Well at least we got there in the end, which of course is what matters most…

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