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Select committeeThere is something seriously wrong with the modern diet, obesity and it’s associated diseases are at Pandemic levels (UK obesity Statistics). A House of Commons Select Committee report into the matter has stated the cause of obesity to be  Gluttony & Sloth (Overeating and Laziness).

Current official advise is that resolving the issue is a simply a matter of reversing the equation i.e. reduce calories and exercise more.  Is this right? Has it worked for you? Well it takes an extreme amount of effort for this method to work, much more than the average ‘joe’ has that’s for sure.  You see to eat less and do more just doesn’t equate, this is simply because when you do more it increases your appetite and make s you hungry.  As you will learn willpower doesn’t stand a chance due to the power of a chemical called Ghrelin (the hunger hormone)which gets produced in ever increasing numbers until you give in and feast.  OK more on this later but for now let’s move on a little further and look at what else is going on.

There is growing scientific and biological evidence to suggest this current advice is not just wrong but leads to worsening symptoms, actually making the problem much worse, in addition that it not only makes us gain more weight, but makes us sick too.Media Machine

Yes you’ve heard it all before a thousand and one times, the 5-a-day, low-fat, low cholesterol, low calorie, whole grain. Eat these type of foods in smaller quantities and exercise more to lose weight and be healthy.

These are the core principles of a healthy diet, being commonly accepted by almost all, this is what is known as Conventional Wisdom.

On the back of this we’ve had, Diet Pillsquick fix pills , Atkins, Hollywood, Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Dukan, Dash, HCG to name but a few. All of which are short-term temporary solutions, which means once you Yoyo Flow chartstop doing as instructed by a particular program, you will almost certainly put all the weight back on and likely more. These of course are what are known as ‘fad’ or ‘yo-yo’ diets due to their unsustainable nature and cycle of weight loss/weight gain. They actively disrupt the bodies metabolism, which is perhaps not the best route when were focusing on our health.

“One of the unintended consequences of decades of terrible health advice (eat low fat foods, avoid red meat and saturated fat, do endless cardio on machines while indoors) is that being healthy becomes miserable drudgery.  Good health and diet should be joyous and life-affirming.  If it isn’t we’re doing it wrong” – J Stanton Gnolls

What’s needed is a simple sustainable, easy to understand solution…one that school children can follow and understand. One that stays with you for the rest of your life and doesn’t require periodic renewal of memberships or revisits to clinics.

It is not our intention to point the finger of blame at anyone for the current situation we find ourselves. Further reading on this and the historic events that led to the present day situation can be found in the book Why we get fat (and what to do about it) by Gary Taubes, or if you prefer by watching the video below:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/bTUspjZG-wc&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Stand out from the crowd

If we look at the biological evidence, we find that the single biggest cause of obesity is in fact due to chemical imbalance within the body thus causing the production of key hormones to be disrupted. Therefore stabilisation of this hormonal imbalance is where we will find the real solution. 

So why should this happen? Why are so many people affected? Why are we getting fatter? Why are we getting sicker?

If you look at the rising numbers of overweight and Obese people today and the volume of autoimmune and degenerative disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Cancer, Heart Disease,  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,  DepressionArteriosclerosisNephritis, Asthma, GERDOsteoporosisStroke.  What you will find is a close correlation with high carbohydrate intake, in particular refined carbohydrates and sugar contained in processed foods which make up a significant proportion of the western diet.

Why is this so? This is the body’s response to foods it does not recognise and thus is unable to process in the manner it was designed. We have evolved on a diet high in natural fats, protein with moderate fibrous carbohydrate, increasing seasonally with the availability fruits, you will all be familiar with the term ‘fattening up for winter’.

Never in our history have we be exposed to the level of carbohydrate we are today, never in our history have we been in such poor health.

What makes us fat?

Our bodies like to operate with stable blood sugar (glucose) and maintain temporary energy stores in our cells  Liver and muscles for instant access should we need it. These stores get used up with moderate activity or exercise, when this happens fat is released from the fat cells to be used as energy. Consuming processed foods, HFCS, sugar, starchy vegetables and grains causes blood sugar to spike and high levels of Insulin to  flood the system in order to stabilise rising blood sugar. Fat normally used for energy when our temporary energy stores are depleted is now locked away due to high Insulin levels.

In short refined carbohydrates create an excess of glucose, far more than our temporary stores (muscles and cells) can take or use. High blood sugar is toxic and so it is Insulin’s job to get rid of it, the only place left is our fat cells where it is delivered via the Liver and converted to triglyceride’s to allow this to take happen. Regular exposure to high carbohydrate loading will result in the condition known as Insulin intolerance (Type II Diabetes).

But why does the body not recognise these foods as food? The fact is when digested all carbohydrate is transformed into glucose (blood sugar), the rate at which this happens is what’s important as it has a direct impact on the level of Insulin production. Remember Fat cannot be used as energy in the presence of Insulin.

If you consider the exposure to sugar, fructose, sucrose, dextrose consumed now to what our ancestors ate, you will find a huge difference. If you then also consider how evolution works and how we evolved, you see we have simply not been exposed to these food sources for sufficient time in order to genetically adapt.

Our ancestors  matured fast to adulthood and independence, lived healthy active life then died gracefully at the end.  By contrast increasing modern societies spend ages maturing (some much longer than others, some never getting there), live a life of dubious health and well-being and then spend ages getting old and dying.

You Choose…

So how do we really resolve the obesity issue?

What’s needed is another radical shift, only this time in the opposite direction. A diet aligned too and similar in principle to that on which we have evolved, a natural diet of nutritionally dense foods.

In the mean time and to this end, based on Palaeolithic dietary principles we have created The Paleoworks Challenge, developed using nutritional experts, proven science fact, and evidence dating back over 2 million years into our prehistory. This is a series of programs aimed at education, advise and support to enable you to live life as nature intended.

Lean, Fit, Long, Rewarding and Fulfilling.

The following is an easy to understand condensed summary of what is Paleo:

This is the food we were genetically designed to eat. This is evolutionary nutrition.  When you eat this way, body fat is maintained at normal levels without even having to watch what you eat. You eat when you are hungry and because you’re eating real foods, your body is able to tell you when you’ve had enough and to process it without any fuss.

However as we have learned so far, this is much much more than just a diet. It is a sustainable lifestyle.

A move away from  Sugar, HFCS , starchy vegetables, grains & legumes means you will be leaner, fitter, faster, stronger, look younger, have more stamina, in short your general health and well being will be at a level you previously thought impossible.

And finally:

Regarding Conventional Wisdom….”In the end, we subscribe to perhaps the most Conventional Wisdom of all – the time tested, naturally selected wisdom spanning hundreds of thousands of years, the wisdom, founded in the incontrovertible facts of evolutionary biology, that guided our ancestors. We may not ever change the minds of society at large, but we can make the small – or big – changes in our own lives that will ensure health, longevity, and wellness”-Mark Sissons.

The Worlds Healthiest Diet!

The End.

  1. I am a believer! It took me 53 years to get it right but now I am on my way. Everything in this post is on target. Thanks for the wisdom.

  2. I thought it would be really hard to kick my sugar addiction. I actually found it really easy. All I did was eat natural whole foods all day. I wasn’t hungry anymore. My biggest shift mentally was to stop looking at cake, muffins, cookies and chocolate as food. Eggs, green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, nuts, berries… now that’s food! Once you start eating ‘real’ food, it becomes easy.

  3. Thank you for your reply. I understand your point, but– for example– I buy 2% cottage cheese instead of the full 4%– still has fat, no added sugar to compensate. I also buy low-fat Mozzarella cheese– same thing. Ditto with low-fat plain yogurt. I reduce the amount of oil in cooking. I try to LOWER fat, not eliminate it. So, I would argue with you on your reasoning, UNLESS you are referring to MANUFACTURED foods, and then I agree 100%. Entemann’s fat-free pastries, for example, are horrible for us carb addicts.

  4. You eschew LOW fat? WHy is that? I know that fat is necessary, etc, but LOW fat products seem to provide the best of both worlds, no? What is your reasoning here?

    • Fat is provides far more than essential nutrients, it is also the carrier of flavour and taste. Remove it and you remove taste. To combat this manufacturers add sugar to enable you to taste. So if you are eating a diet high in so called ‘healthy’ low-fat products your’re not only deficient in essential fatty acids but also consuming a high carbohydrate diet due to the artificial sugar content. This as you can imagine is catastrophic for our bio chemistry. It is also addictive which is why manufacturers love it.

  5. I’ve just been shopping on Sunday afternoon and looking at other people’s trolleys; I think it’s the food people buy as well as eat that is a problem. If you don;t buy high carbohydrate and high fat food you can;t eat it. I came home with grapes, a stew pack chicken, fish, nectarines and lettuce. I did do a few oven chips with my salad for dinner but nearly didn’t bother. I don;t need to lose weight although having put a little on my waist need to spread it around a little! I suppose being 6Ft 2 inches tall helps me but I can stick to a medical diet; I did so for decades and if I gain too much weight; I’ll eat less carbs; no problem.

    • That’s great however high fat is essential and should never be avoided, animal fats are crucial for health and well being. Never choose low fat products and watch level of fructose intake.

  6. Wow…I love what you are doing with your site….I too am on a mission to try and encourage folks make better food choices. My way of paying it forward to the world wide web community. I’ll be following your blog.
    Aron Bradley

  7. Thank your for liking my post. I find paleo really interesting and have enjoyed having a look though your site.

    Living in New Zealand and having a partner who is a bit of a “hunter gatherer” eating food as close to nature is a normal everyday part of our lifestyle. However, New Zealand in general has one of the highest levels of obesity in the developed world. This is something that I’m passionate about changing, especially by educating children so that they have the knowledge to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle.

    I’ve just started a degree in Nutrition and I’m finding that the more I learn about it the more interested in it I am!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks for checking out Grainger Getting Jacked.

    Awesome post, definitely makes a lot of sense. I’ve been looking into going Paleo myself, I’ve also been looking into intermittent fasting recently, Martin Berkhan (leangains.com) has some great info.

    What’s your take on the IF approach?


  9. Great information here. Thank you. As a person who has battled chronic food allergies, gout and weight gain, I really appreciate your posts.

  10. Great information! I hope to implement more of this in my life gradually. Hard to go cold turkey. Do you allow cheat days initially? Thanks from CreateHealthChiropractic at wordpress.

    • The term and need to cheat is a spill over from dieting and fad restriction diets. When you understand the concept of what our diets are about you will see cheating and any previous desire to do it are not even a consideration. Our diets are about optimal nutrition, that’s it, what’s left? nothing, you neither need nor crave sugar/starch laden foods. Take a look here at: Paleo Cupcakes

    • Mike’s right, don’t limit yourself through the “diet” experiences you have had before..stay open to all that paleo can do to bring your body back into balance, Katie 🙂

  11. Hi, read your stuff and it makes perfect sense to me! I re-booted my lifestyle by following the Fat Sick & Nearly Dead juice fest (not fast!) for 60 days. What an incredible miracle to be lifted from the jaws of bad food addictions and what a scary education about the US Food Industry I’ve learned along the way. Yet I feel a shift coming, people are sick & tired of being sick & tired and they are learning about how the foods we eat are affecting us, mind, body & spirit. Good to find another truth-sayer out here on the web! Nadine from ReClaimMyLife at wordpress.

  12. After 53 years of doing the wrong thing and fighting obesity I have finally come to understand the truth. Thanks, I’m a believer.


  13. Love the Paleo in a Nutshell … hope I can get my drive thru daughter and her kids to sit down long enough to watch it:)

  14. Those videos are great! Extremely informative and easy to understand.

  15. This is an excellent article for everyone particularly for those struggling with dieting, weight control and obesity. Very timely and informative. Keep on doing what you’re doing

  16. Awesome post! I think this single post is pretty much all that a person needs to know about healthy eating, covered in an easy-to-read and informative manner. Great job!

  17. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the Like. I didn’t need to read more than one sentence on this page to hit the follow button. As soon as I have two minutes to rub together, I’ll be over to check out your archives, and I’m looking forward to getting your posts when they happen. Thanks again!

  18. Thanks for “liking” my post on perfectfitpt.

    I love your site!


  19. Enjoyed the blog, i try to follow the paleo-style pretty closely myself. As an athlete i think it provides huge benefits.

  20. I am truly surprised at how many “experts” do not recognize the addictiveness of refined carbohydrates and assume it is simply a matter of willpower and exercise. True, most of us don’t get enough exercise, but when you weigh 300 lbs, just moving is exercise and comparatively painful.

    Just as only a fraction of wine drinkers become alcoholics, a fraction of people become carbohydrate addicts and it is time that the nutritionists recognized this. And the addictive mechanism is the same– release of seratonin and dopamine in the brain– the same thing that heroin addicts get from their fix, alcoholics get from alcohol, sex addicts get from sex, and food addicts get from refined carbohydrates.

    The Paleo Diet and the Weight Agency Method address this addiction and break it, but eating meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and avoiding grains, sugars, etc. I also eat some dairy, mostly in the form of low-fat cottage cheese and whey protein, but for the post part, it’s the Paleo diet that is at the core.

  21. Excellent! Right on! If I am not mistaken, this is the “diet” that I am touting! While my “method” involves letting the weight loser decide what to eat, the methodology leads them to a paleo diet because SOME of us have become addicted to carbs– carbs that are not found in nature but have been created (cultivated, synthesized, manufactured) by mankind.

    GREAT advice you offer and spot on!

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and do pop back any time. I see we are on different paths, but making the same journey. I wish you well. 🙂

  23. Hi,
    Nice videos – right down to the point.

  24. Total Fat Solution

    I really like your blog! More importantly, in scanning your blog, I generally like what you say about diet, obesity, etc.

  25. Weight Watchers is not a yo yo diet. It too is considered a lifestyle change. Anybody will gain weight back if they switch to eating healthy and then go back to whatever they were eating before, whether they do Paleo or Weight Watchers.

    • I’m sorry you have been misled and would do better to do your own research rather than listen to your group leader. Take it from me Weight Watchers should never be considered a lifestyle, that is if you want to live a normal healthy life, aside from wanting to be lean and fit the Weight Watchers model is flawed and they ought be ashamed of the damage they do. Weight Watchers is absolutely a YO-YO, Fad Diet, it’s a temporary solution that’s also detrimental to overall health…period.

  26. Great post and info! Can’t wait to watch the videos when I’m on the desktop!

  27. Great Site! The Dukan diet is very popular at my work right now. I believe in his book Dr. Dukan references eating like we did when we were cavemen and had to hunt for our food. One of my co-workers even dropped their cholesterol level by 100 points. She ate more red meat than she had in the previous 6 months. We are pelted with “eat more low-fat foods” by the media. The low-fat products have overrun the grocery store shelves. I do see a difference in the Dukan compared to what I have read on you site about this way of eating. Oat bran is taken everyday to promote a sense of fullness and possibly decrease your cholesterol level. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. I will follow your site and information. I enjoyed viewing the videos as well, Thank you.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. We hope to prepare a longer answer to your question and perhaps use it as the basis for another post but in the interim we would say that we do not advocate oat bran. At all. It is a grain. It has gluten like properties and can cause systemic inflammation and irritation to your gut (given half a chance)…you comment that it is used on the Dukan Diet to promote a sense of fullness and to help with digestion? Eating fat would have solved both problems and eating fat also gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction …try it and see! The Dukan Diet is designed only to lose weight. There’s not much emphasis on nutrition or food quality and on the last phase of the Dukan Diet you are invited to go back to eating all those foods that caused you difficulties in the first place! This is dieting and not a sustainable diet providing optimal nutrition. Certainly one to avoid if you are looking for optimal health as well as weight loss. Eat what your body is designed to eat and you will be healthy – shedding pounds will be a pleasant side effect of that health. Good luck, Katie 🙂

  28. Thanks for liking my latest post on http://www.triumphoverdepression.org. I have just looked over your blog site and am quite impressed with it. Would you mind if I borrowed from your blog about the importance of proper eating for those who are depressed and those who want to avoid being depressed.

    • Patrick, hi and welcome. Please use what you can with the proviso you drop us a line and provide back links to items used (or part thereof)! We underestimate the role of food in our mental health and are too quick to write off the very positive effects a high fat diet has on mental heath and the mind-body balance. Thank you for your interest and wishing you well, Katie

  29. Now U can write one as to why some of us R so skinny!! tee hee no really I eat like a beast and cannot gain weight?

    • This is probably due to your metabolic rate and the efficient processing of the carbohydrates you consume. However and this is a big consideration, being lean on the outside is not an indicator of health as it is perfectly possible to be lean on the outside and fat inside. This means your internal organs may have abnormal deposits of fat due to the consumption of refined carbohydrates. In addition if you eat grains, processed foods and sugar you greatly increase the likelihood of things like cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Therefore although you may look slim and healthy, this may not necessarily be the case and so our advice would be to take a good look at the foods you eat. After all, the diet we advocate is not just about weight loss, it’s about optimal health and is suitable for all. From the man in the street to athlete superstar including your pets. Whoever you are, if you want to live long, be happy and healthy the answer rests with the correct nutrition.

  30. Thank you for your comment…your points are constructive and appreciated! You are so right, we are passionate about what we do – out of interest, what were you hoping to see on our “ABOUT PAGE”? For the record, we do eat complex carbs! Just not from grains and legumes which contrary to what dieticians will tell you are bad for your health 🙂

  31. This is really great! Actually, when I got my first aid certification, this became evident. I wrote about it in The Mood Swing Diet. There is a strong correlation between mood, blood sugar, mental illness, and diabetes. What hasn’t been established is what causes what. The only established facts are these: blood sugar affects mood and excess sugars cause weight gain.

    This is great. It makes so much more sense than diet and exercise alone, because it eliminates something the cycling of low blood sugar, binging, high blood sugar, and then crashing back to low blood sugar.

    I’m excited to read more! Thanks for doing what you do!

  32. Simon, you should not cook with olive oil mainly because it has a low heat resistance, so in high heat cooking, such as sautéing, it will burn, oxidize, and release dangerous free radicals. It is best to use organic cooking oils that are labeled refined for high heat.

    Mike and Kate, love what you have and are doing here. The healthiest foods are in their purest state, and alternative, natural dietary guiding principles are vital. Very informative and interesting. Looking forward to further exploring your blog and staying up to date on new posts.

  33. I have gotten in contact with that kind of approach to healthy eating in the past and I am actually trying to stick to non-processed foods which is not as easy as it might seem. The book that got me to think about it the first time is the Sugar Shock Book (they also have a blog: http://www.sugarshockblog.com/). I will keep digging further into your site to get more input 🙂

    Thank you for liking my posts about my Slim in 6 challenge.

  34. Good to meet you, Emma– ‘gotta love gettin’ back to ancient roots 🙂

  35. Very nice Blog! Thank you for following mine.

  36. Hi, I love you site but would appreciate an article based on the Paleo food triangle. It seems to suggest not cooking with Olive Oil and this was the main point I was looking for more information on. Also any chance of putting a search box at the top to help find articles? Great site, keep it up.

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