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How to Escape the Diet Trap


It's Time To Do Things Different.

Deep in thought with friends last night, the conversation turned to Jenni Murray and the open letter published yesterday morning. That letter was written in direct response to a dilemma which is familiar the world over to literally millions and millions of people: yo- yo dieting.

It is a very real concept a very real diet trap and it keeps millions of us unhappy and pre-occupied and, well, generally missing the point of life.

As each new commercial dieting program comes to us (Dukan, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cabbage Soup, High-fibre, Low-fat, Zone, the list is endless), we sincerely believe it will make a difference to our mal-nourished bodies. And we try again for weight loss. What we forget, time and again, is that diets don’t work. At best, they are always a short term solution: most of us can lose weight if we set our minds to it but how many of us manage to sustain the weight loss? Short term gratifications (new clothes, new shoes, new hair cut, new man, new party) seduce us down the diet path but what is it that you want, long term?

If your long term wish is to be free to live life fully, to enjoy each day without waking up and venturing into battle with your self, to be “normal” around food and to understand food and the response it can trigger in our bodies then take a little education.

Take a look at the article Fat Storage Machine and learn about the relationship of sugar and insulin  and the response it has on your body. Further reading here on exactly how our modern diet is fuelling the obesity epidemic and try this excellent item Bad Fat – Good Fat to open your eyes to thebenefits of eating saturated fat in our diet. Challenge your current behaviours, think Human Shaped! Be radical. Eat bacon. Stand up, stretch and take a look around. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you will continue to get what you’ve always got.

Do your reading, do your thinking and make good choices. Every day what you do defines who you are. Get a few recipes under your belt, understand what you can and can’t eat for optimal health , use our ancestors as your point of reference (did they eat it,  would they recognise it as food) and never ever forget the fact that it is the food that is making you fat NOT some lack of will power or failing in you. It is the food that causes addictions and triggers behavioural responses such as overeating. Not you. It is a biochemical response. Chemistry. Not you. Clean up your diet and the bio-chemical reactions go, the behavior triggers go and now you have a fighting chance to achieve those long term goals.

And so, now we read that  Jenni Murray has opted for Weight Watchers.

Do you think this is the answer?

Open Letter to Jenni Murray

jenni-murray-dukan-dietOpen Letter to Jenni Murray who writes today in the Daily Mail.  Her weight-loss diary ran in the Mail for months.  Today a contrite Jenni Murray confesses….”the shame!  I’ve lost 5 stone on the Dukan (diet) – but I’ve put it ALL back on.”

Dear Jenni

Thank you for sharing your story.

What I like about your story is this: once again it shows how readily we accept the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain as a failing in us.

Jenni writes of her weight gain:

“Did I beat myself up about it?  Of course I did knowing that I would be perceived as a failure who was LMF (lacking in moral fibre).”

Come on Jenni fight back! You are not a victim!

Listen Up…It’s not you, it’s the food you are eating!  No big deal.

With the genetic code set in your body and pre-disposing you to weight gain, you need to look deeper at what you are eating.  It’s your diet not you!  It’s your diet that has let you down.  And diet clubs such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World and the like who tell you that you can have your chocolate cake and eat it (albeit in small portions) are not helping you!  This is the reality.  Read our report on the Dukan Diet and understand how dieting doesn’t work

Ditch the processed food, lose the chocolate fudge cake and treacle sponge – lady, it has to go.  Get serious about your body.  You are beautiful: inside and out.  And don’t let the idea (concept) of “emotional eating” keep you caught in the brambles and bushes at the side of the river.  It’s just another excuse.   Those of us who have turned our backs on the processed food industry, who have trained our bodies away from sugar, away from the roller coaster of emotions sugar addiction brings are waiting to tell you how good life can be without it.

 “Emotions are merely biochemical storms in your body and brain….The healthier your biochemistry, the better the emotional forecast”. – Nora Gedgaudas

Learn how to stop emotional eating – the secret is, it doesn’t actually exist.  When you replace the horrible low-fat options, the sugar and the chemicals with good saturated fat in your food you will find that the taste of your food brings satiety at a level you will not have experienced since your childhood.  And that’s what your body wants.  That’s what your body is craving. And that’s what is going to bring you home.

Warm regards

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