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Yet Another Detox?

lighthouse-paleoworksWatching the tidal wave of people (including paleo) signing up for a sugar detox after Christmas brought back some difficult memories for this paleo girl! Experience has shown that setting goals for weight loss is often an extremely effective way of being extremely hard on yourself!

Today, you may believe that losing weight will make you happy but that’s in the future, not now.  You delay your happiness.

The last time you signed up for a sugar detox (and the last time and then the time before that), how did you feel?  Were you excited about being in control, did your self-esteem get a boost when the scales dipped below 200lbs or whatever goal you set?  Did you diet harder, eat less, exercise more? Did you


Exercise is not a weight loss tool...diet is!

push yourself harder in the gym?  Did you feel good?  Or did you feel exhausted?  Were you aware of an increasing sense of panic that this was unsustainable?  That if you jumped off the treadmill the weight would bounce back on faster than you could run?

Most of us can keep it up through January.  Come February that resolve has weakened.  Come March it’s gone and we are left wondering why we have failed again….

Well, you didn’t fail – truth is diets failed you (again)!  Conventional wisdom: eat less and exercise more has never worked!   For the past 30 years we’ve been told to eat less and exercise more, to cut back on calories and on saturated fat and, on the whole, we’re doing it. Our calorific intake between the years 1974 and 2004 decreased by 20 per cent. We are eating about 20 per cent more fruit and vegetables than in the Seventies.  We are doing approximately 25 per cent more exercise than we were in 1997. But are our waist lines shrinking? No. In fact, a quick glance around most High Streets would suggest the opposite is happening!! – Daily Mail

Don’t fall for the traditional post Christmas Detox.  Don’t set yourself up to fail!  This year choose for an open ended intention to eat a paleo style diet, to get back to basics, explore real food and to take charge of your own health.  Empower yourself and educate yourself for optimal health and well being and you will find that weight loss (more specifically fat loss) occurs naturally as a by-product of good eating.  It’s not a quick fix, a 21 day all or nothing plan: it’s you and the rest of your life.

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