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The Paleo Diet: Hungry For More


Food for Thought

Paleo Roots

Who is leading the way in the Paleo Diet league of nations? The reality is any nation not consuming high proportions of industrial foods would fare pretty high whether intentionally or not.  In general, countries with large undeveloped areas untouched by modern civilisation in the form of intensive farming and manufactured western foods will by default, have the greatest density of individuals adhering to the typical “hunter gatherer diet“.

The Paleo Brand


Due to wide scale deterioration of health and increasing waist lines linked to the western pattern diet, there are a few developed countries who actively promote the paleo “brand”. In the case of the US this has been in direct response to the nations obesity epidemic and led in large parts by non government sponsored scientists and medical professionals. In addition there are a significant number of  individuals, athletes, cross fit enthusiasts and celebrities adopting a real food diet together with a move away from industrial foods. To support this (paleo) dietary revolution there are a substantial number of counselling organisations, information services, books, websites, restaurants, food and retail outlets devoted to an evolutionary or real food (paleo) diet. All this activity has risen from the mist that is conventional dietary wisdom and failed government policies on obesity.

Joining The Euro

paleo-works-how-to-dietHowever, surprisingly in the UK it is not the US but some of our European neighbours where we find the closest concentrations of devotees to real food diets. Spain, Sweden, Norway and Germany have reasonably large communities and supporting infrastructure. On the back of this The Daily Mail recently featured an article (No Bread, Pasta or sugar) about the Sauvage restaurant in Berlin where guests delight in the fine foods on offer, comfortable in the knowledge they are eating real health food free from any processing, additives, sugar and chemicals.

Hungry Paleo

It seems the wave of popularity associated to the Paleo Diet (also known as The Caveman or Stone Age Diet) is gathering momentum with increasing force. Further evidence of this came to light earlier this week, when I received an email from a follower of ours in Hungary, who wanted us to tell her story in the hope it may help others. It made for pleasant reading and included some nice illustrations, though for copyright reasons we could not produce it in it’s entirety.

The following is an excerpt of that email:

Hello everyone, I am Ildiko. I am from Budapest in Hungary. I am 36 years old and have a husband and two children aged five and seven.

I have been living on paleo diet for more than a year. I heard about this diet from a Hungarian scientist called Gabor Szendi who gathered a full range of scientific researches about this diet and summarized them in a book called the Paleolithic Nutrition. Yes, he used Dr Cordain’s book though it is just one of the many references. Szendi publishes regularly and he is very keen in answering questions. He has also been on several television and radio shows and written books about the connection between modern diseases and nutrition.

Paleo diets have more and more followers in Hungary, there are dieticians and doctors who use paleo diet based treatments in their practice. The paleo diet has and is helping so


Paleo Budapest

many people to become healthy again. There are many people who share their success story about how the paleo diet and how it’s helped them to get rid of their illnesses, such as diabetes, reflux, allergies, arthritis, PCOS, migraine, endometriosis, psoriasis, Crohn disease, IBS etc.  The letters keep coming and the list is getting longer and longer.

In Budapest people who follow the paleo diet have paleo parties where they meet with each other.  They even go hiking together. We have paleo shops. You can order and have paleo dinners delivered. Some people from the paleo forums created websites full of paleo recipes but we have a few paleo cook books as well.

There is also a website (paleolit-taplalkozas) in Hungarian that contains all the links related to this diet: videos, articles, recipes, forums, books, restaurants and foreign paleo websites and forums as well. 

In my opinion the paleo diet is well worth trying because it works, hence my friends Paleo Works in the UK and the work they are doing to help people in their country.  It becomes a lifestyle.  I have never met anyone who once tried this diet and got rid of illnesses, or lost weight or both and wanted to return to his/her previous diet.

So what’s your experiences? How is your country shaping up?

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