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Jamie Oliver ‘Paleo’ Recipe: Eggs with Chilli Salt and Chipolatas

bacon wrapped sausagesThis is a great breakfast, easy and tasty, courtesy of Jamie Oliver:

8 chipolata sausages

8 slices of pancetta

1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes

4 eggs

1.  Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil

2.  Wrap the chipolatas in pancetta and grill under a high heat for 8 – 10 mins: turn every few minutes until golden and cooked right through

3.  Bash the dried chilli flakes with a pestle and mortar adding a couple of pinches of sea salt until you have a fine powder.

4.  Gently place the eggs into the pan and boil them for five minutes (for a runny yolk)

5.  Serve each egg with 2 chipolatas and a good pinch of chilli salt

6.  Eat and enjoy!

Extraordinary Win

Fuelled by a mammoth paleo breakfast, child number 4 headed off to football this morning.  He asked me to record for you that his team won 13 – 0.  As goal keeper,  he is particularly proud although on closer examination it does appear that there was not that much to do at his end……At home, Friday was taken over by the arrival of FIFA 12.  And Saturday.  Saturday night Caleb came to tea and for a sleep over with Rob and to try out for the FIFA12 challenge underway at the house!  Er …followed closely by Chippy who turned up with Brad and oh well I guess you get the picture.

The weather here has been warm with bright sunshine.  For October in the UK this is unheard of.  So with this unexpected crowd, tea was grown out of leftovers, salad and meat, bar-b-cued at short notice by M.  I love these free and easy meals.  Pop made up a batch of her dressing for the salad and I had a batch leftover which I poured over my roast veg at Sunday lunch today and which tasted so good – who needs sugar when you can have fat?

Last night I experimented with a paleo pudding.  I had a bunch of bananas leftover from the week.  The skins were a little bruised and the kids had left them in the corner of the fruit bowl, unimpressed.  I peeled several and split them open, stuffing jersey goat’s butter between the layers.  I tucked some pecan nuts into the mush and, on the bananas for the kids  I drizzled some honey.  I wrapped the skinned bananas in tin foil (I realised after that they came in their own wrapping but hey, after a couple of tequilas….).  M tossed them on the grill pan over the hot ashes in the bar-b-cue and we talkedflame-grilled-burger for a while watching the embers, aware of  hot rich delicious aromas coming up from the pud.  Some time later we unwrapped the sticky packets.  The bananas were a huge hit, served with a blob of yoghurt and a couple of green mint leaves for effect….oh yes we do things properly in Yorkshire!!

How did your weekend go?  What did you eat on your paleo journey ….

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