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The Temptation of Eve

temptation-of-eve-cartoonWorking with a client on her food journal we had hoped to find a way out of the plateau that was causing this wonderful woman to feel fed up, low and lethargic.  Encouraged that paleo works and the successes we have had, experience tells us this problem can be as a result of one or several factors.  And sure enough, there it was, nestled in the midst of her food journal entries:  FRUIT: grapes, apples, pears were being consumed with a passion at any time of day or night, snacking and not always with a meal. The point is some fruits in particular grapes and dates contain pure glucose as well as fructose and are therefore faster releasing into the blood stream.  This in turns causes blood sugar to spike giving a short lived lift in mood and energy surge, the problem is any surge is followed by a rapid fall as the body fights to balance blood sugar.

We talked a little about this about the journal entries and the pattern of food consumption.  It was apparent that the fruit had become her prop (treat) and the learned behavior, that thought that we deserve a treat to give ourselves a little boost was still forming a big part of her routine.  To such an extent when days were really bad my friend was literally “gorging” on fruit to deal with the issues instead of… well, dealing with the issues.  Fine if you’re a mountain gorilla but we’re not mountain gorillas.  This can be such a deep pattern of  ingrained behavior it can be hard to spot and it’s only fruit after all………?

When we think of fruit, fructose, fruit sugar we often associate it with healthy eating.  Indeed, some diets recommend we purchase fructose as a sweetener in our food.  Some diets even encourage us to eat fruit as a ‘free food’.  But the fruit we eat today is very different from that which was present a generation ago let alone in our ancestor’s time.  Our fruit is selected and bred for its sweetness, shape and appearance.  Historically the fruit we ate was seasonal, lower in sugar and higher in fibre.

Over eating fruit causes over consumption of fructose.  Excessive consumption of fructose causes increases in uric acid levels (which raise blood pressure and can lead to gout), raises triglycerides (which elevates risk factors for heart disease) decreases leptin entry into the hypothalamus (leading to prolonged feelings of hunger) leads to weight gain, induces insulin resistance and high levels over a long period may cause fatty liver.

Fruit is not the answer for weight loss due to the presence of fructose.  Cut back on fruit if you are overweight or having trouble shifting the weight whilst eating above average amount of fruit in your daily life.

People Still Choose Burgers And Salads

Triple-burgerFirst Lady Michelle Obama has been on a crusade to slim down the country, some restaurants have started listing calories on their menus and Americans keep saying that they want to eat healthy.

But when they eat out, Americans order burgers and fries anyway, it has been revealed.

‘If I wanted something healthy, I would not even stop in at McDonald’s,’ says Jonathan Ryfiak, 24, a New York trapeze instructor who watches his diet at home but orders comfort foods like chicken nuggets and fries when he hits a fast-food joint.

In a country where more than two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese, food choices are often made on impulse, not intellect.
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Of course there is a reason for this and what’s drives people to make these choices. The issue is that the vast majority of people are addicted to sugar,  not fat!

Fat is not the issue and therefore not the bad guy. Carbohydrates are as well in their simplest form, they are nothing more than Sugar! This is what all carbohydrates effectively end up becoming when consumed.

It’s the carbohydrates in these fast food options that people crave and processed (fast) food  has lots of it, including the even more in the oil it’s cooked in. Take the burger, first of all the bread bun…view this as one big block of sugar, then we come to the burger itself, if it was all meat and fat, this would be great but it isn’t. A considerable percentage is again more carbohydrate. Then we move onto the coatings, batter’s and potato fries which are worse still, causing a huge rise in blood sugar levels and chemical imbalance resulting in storage of all these carb’s as fat.

It doesn’t stop there either as many of these foods actually block the production of other hormones normally produced to tell your brain your full and should eat no more. It’s lose lose everywhere you look.

So fundamentally,  it’s sugar that people are getting their fix of when visiting McDonald’s etc. and not fat!

There is hope however, once free of the craving for sugar, you will find that it is still possible to get it in it’s natural form from foods. These are of course things like fruit and vegetables which contain differing levels of natural sugars in manageable quantities…These are the ‘healthy’ options McDonald’s can’t sell, hardly surprising when you consider people’s addiction to sugar, given the high levels of refined carbohydrate present in the alternatives.

Real food is the way forward, food picked from the tree, pulled from the ground, extensively farmed or even better still hunted in it’s natural state, (though granted, this option is not going to feed the masses it is the gourmet option).

Wise up people, it’s time to change while there’s still time.

Is your sugar addiction packing on the pounds?

1. Ditch the bread bun (Trust me you don’t need it!)
2. Mince your own steak and form burger shapes
3. Make fries from Sweet Potato or Celeriac
4. Deep fry all in coconut oil or cheaper option of 100% beef dripping.
5. Quantities? Much as you want, your body will tell you when it’s full…
Delicious and won’t make you fat!
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