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Diet Chocolate


Whilst monitoring a stream on one of the social media platforms, this picture caught our attention. It was attached to a post relating to a participant at Slimming World where conventional wisdom suggests that you can lose weight and include a slice of chocolate in your diet every day. Heaven for some ?

It doesn’t work. But then that’s the whole beautiful point of just such a commercial profit based company. They can enthusiastically scoop you up and take you along for the ride giving you part information leading to your rapid transformation from former large guy to socially acceptable beef cake and then step aside while you implode back into your former self only this time even fatter.  And they collect the nice fat pay cheque when you re-apply for membership at the club.  Ask Slimming World to produce a list of members over the years who have made it to target and then ask them to produce a list of those still at target after 6 months, 1 year two years five years: where are they now?

For all those diet clubs who tell you that you can lose weight, keep it off and still eat processed junk including such delights as above: Shame on You!

And for those of you caught in the diet trap, review the evidence and go back to the facts.  Unless we conquer basic sugar addiction we will always be subject to the vagaries of health and weight gain.

Lifes Journey

Back last week before our house move and right before my father died, I remember thinking how good life is. I have waited a long time for Michael and we’re so good together and strong for each other and our families. This morning, I posted a quote of the day by Maya Angelou which I found somewhere and which I love. It said “nobody but nobody can make it out here alone”Rainbow emerging from sea
I firmly believe this to be true. And that’s what I love about the global Paleo community. When you have the basics understood and you are on your journey you will always always find inspiration from those who have gone before.
Our task, at Paleoworks is simple. We will help you to “pack your rucksack” and prepare you for your journey into good health.hunter gatherer We will show you the basics, provide a “kitlist”and then, it’s over to you. Let the Paleo community be your compass and your guide.

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