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Spice up Your Life!


Put taste back into on the menu and spice up your life the easy way!

Cleaning up your diet and transitioning to real food can seem momentarily dull when compared to the drama of flavours your taste buds have experienced in the past.  Things like: orange sherbert, tangy sweet and sour sauce; tomato soup, chicken and gravy pie in a thick buttery crust, chicken korma: the very mention of these names and your taste buds prick up, juices start to flow and messages shoot up to your brain: I’m hungry….

But these foods are deliberately designed to do just that.  The food industry has manufactured these “foods” to manipulate your sense of taste and to such an extent that you can no longer “hear” the flavours of real food.   It’s like going to a loud rock concert and having your ears blown off by the noise.  When the music has finished and you turn back to the crowd, you can no longer hear the sound their voices make, it’s all muffled.  Your hearing has “gone”.  It has become de-sensitised to the regular pitch of every day sounds.  It comes back though and in this same way you can trust that your own taste buds will “return” over time as you cultivate a real food diet.  And after a while, you will be amazed how good real food tastes, how bright the colours and how extraordinarily simple and at the same time complicated real food can be.

In the intervening period, eating real food requires you to invest in your own transitioning process which is: seasoning!  Go wild and don’t stint..nature provides us with endless wonderful varieties of warming, searing, tantalizing flavours to re-educate your taste buds and bring them back down to normal.  We are talking cinnamon, cloves and ginger; sage, rosemary and dill; chillies, cayenne and chipottle; garlic, pepper and horseradish; Chinese five spice powder.. the list is endless as is the variety of ways you can cook.

Make cooking fun: approach real food recipes as a starting point then add, leave out, adjust, tweak, change and simply create the meal that you want to please your taste buds – and that’s what makes cooking fun.  There is no one size fits all approach to the Paleo Works diet programs, they just simply work, that’s what makes it so sustainable.  Feed your body real food , ditch bad fat for good fat (such as coconut oil or ghee), and your body responds – it  knows instinctively when you have found the right balance and that’s empowering too!    Take it from us there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Paleo Works – and we could all use a little spice in our lives!

Do you have any good and spicey paleo recipes?  Write in..we would love to hear..don’t forget sharing is fun…but spicing up your life is even more amazing!

Stop Emotional Eating

emotional eater

Is emotional eating always as “emotional” as it seems?

We suggest not…..

Those of you who have passed through the diet industry will identify strongly with the idea that you are an “emotional eater”.  Someone who reaches for food to combat stress, anxiety or sadness;  someone who turns to food for comfort, or for whom food is love. Sound familiar?  You’re in good company.  Take a look at these ten famous emotional eaters and their “stories” There’s a whole industry out there determined to prove that you have psychological “issues” around eating and that you are going to have to work hard to make a difference.

We say this is a “diet myth”.  And we ask you to pause for a minute and tell us why it is so advantageous to the food and diet industry to have you caught up in this thought?  We ask, is emotional eating always as “emotional” as it seems?

Let’s take someone who eats a highly refined carbohydrate diet and for whom blood sugar instability is an issue.  When blood sugar levels drop, our bodies respond by secreting stress hormones – like adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) and one side effect of this is increased anxiety…..Low blood sugar levels can trigger mood changes.  Low blood sugar levels can cause cravings for those foods that will push sugar quickly back into the blood stream: doughnuts, white bread, biscuits, chocolate and overeating or binge eating is likely to ensue.

But WHAT caused the craving?  What caused the overeating?  What caused the low mood?  What caused the anxiety?  Was it emotions or was it the drop in blood sugar and the physiological response it triggered in your body?

We say it’s easy to write a story around your life that will keep you stuck in a sad place for far too long.  Many of us truly believe that we are emotional eaters : the vast majority of us are not.  Why do we say this?  Because experience has shown that when an “emotional eater” turns to a paleo diet, unstable blood sugar becomes a thing of the past, the mind is calmed and the “emotional eating” issue simply disappears.  So the best way to stop emotional eating is to try what we say and see for yourself.

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