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What is Paleo and How To Do It?


Kate - Founder, owner & operator - Paleo Works.

What is paleo, or the caveman diet and how do you do it?

Let’s strip it back down to basics, pull up a chair and remind you.

Also known as a stone age diet, a paleolithic, evolutionary or dna diet, the pitch is simple: its about eating as our ancestors ate before the great agricultural revolution some 10,ooo years ago and thus no wheat, grains, legumes, sugar or vegetable oils, that is: no processed food!

Meals are based around meat, fish, saturated fat (from animals, avocados, nuts etc), green leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs, seeds and some low-sugar fruit mostly berries.  Meals are tasty because we eat fat: fat is not the enemy, fat is our friend just as it has been across hundreds of thousands of years of ancestral health.  And by fat we mean good saturated fat not man-made monstrosities like canola oil, hydrogenated fats or margarine.

Why no grains or processed food?  Because these products are making us fat.  Period.  Why are they making us fat?  Because we cannot digest them. We cannot metabolise them.  Our genetic blueprint has not evolved to process this food and the consequence is severely impacting our health.  Evolution is a slow process our dietary habits have revolutionised exponentially and while we have not changed genetically our diets are radically different  and so is our body shape, health and general wellbeing.  Can you see the link?

And it’s not just us is it.  See here the headline in today’s Daily Mail and read this shocking article: in the UK, doctors are medicating babies in the womb for obesity or read this article “Junk food gives you the blues” and begin to understand the link between so called “junk food and our mental health”.  Every day scientists are making new discoveries but even if you don’t understand the science and have no interest in the why, you must hanker for a solution?

Many of us get to the point where we are simply overwhelmed by our fat.  And give up.  Can you see it in your life?  Did you give up too?  We are not helped by the endless round of fad diets that tell us we can have our cake and eat it: weight watchers, slimming world, Atkins, lighter life – it’s not true.  But it does keep you coming back for more when you fall off the wagon and overeat.  Got you over a barrel see – no wonder we give up faced with such extraordinary odds against us, we simply don’t know any different.

What we require then is an approach, a gentle but radical approach that works: not a diet, not a manifesto: paleo works    Think of paleo as a life long journey of continual renewal with you in control.  That’s the difference.  Cut out the junk food and you are more than half way home.

Keep it simple, keep your food real.  Start changing things up, integrating good saturated fat into your diet (butter on your veg, fry meat in coconut oil, eat bacon with the fat on, enjoy tallow, dripping and lard as our forefathers did).  Keep away from processed food: and always remember that the worst combination..that is the combination most likely to put your fat on is sugar and fat (think buns, pies, buttery pastry, white bread, eclairs, cakes, batter mix, cookies) always remember that and you won’t go far wrong.

So, this diet and lifestyle approach is simply based on common sense.

Kids to get Balloons on NHS: But real ones banned by EU

Children and balloons, as we all know they love them. Though that’s all set to change with the depressing news in today’s Daily Mail. Children as young as eleven are to be given Intragastric Balloon (Gastric Balloon) surgery in order to address the associated health risks in some severely obese children. This is in the same week that  new EU laws banning children from blowing up real balloons take effect.


In a first (and please let it be the last) of it’s kind trial, up 15 children will be offered the procedure which involves inserting a deflated balloon via the mouth whilst under general anaesthetic, a Catheter is then fitted to inflate the device once it is located.

A very distressing state of affairs indeed, so what about the health risks. Well as this is a trial it will be some time before the data on long term affects is released. Side effects include nausea and vomiting and if the balloon is dislodged and passes into the gut, it can cause an obstruction which could be fatal. In rare cases, bleeding or perforation could occur during insertion. Although the procedure is not approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, it has been given the green light in several European countries. However it is not covered by obesity guidance from government health watchdog the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

Some obesity specialists said they were shocked by the trial planned for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, which has yet to get ethical approval from the hospital, but is expected to start the trial in approximately 6 months time.

Professor David Haslam, a GP and chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said he was shocked by the trial.

‘It is a desperate situation when we have come to this,’ he said. ‘One has to ask if it can be right to subject children and young teenagers to the trauma and discomfort of having a gastric balloon fitted.’

Amongst all the uncertainty and infighting between the different organisations and specialists one very important issue has been missed completely. To put a young child already traumatised as a result of their obesity through such a procedure as this is distressing enough. But to do it based on flawed science is absolutely disgraceful. The whole process is flawed from the very beginning, as it’s based on old thinking that weight gain is directly related to calories consumed and calories burned. This is simply untrue as not all calories are equal.

It’s increasingly evident that society is heading for an off the shelf a surgical or drug alternative to the obesity epidemics. To what end? We’re afraid the jury is out on that one, though being part of it is optional, you choose!

‘Education is paramount if we are ever going to win this battle with obesity’ – Paleoworks

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