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Clan Resettlement

Busy weekend caught up in shopping and settling into our new home.  The views here are amazing.  There is a picture window here which frames the view across the rooftops and captures perfectly the beauty and vastness of the sky.

View over rooftop to moor

Over Rooftop Moor

I have become a weather watcher, checking the clouds for rain, watching the wind pick up before the storm and the sun poke through, a pocket of bright colour and light.  In keeping with this, breakfast on Saturday was light and simple and kept me going throughout the day with no desire to eat until supper.

We poached Haddock in a raw milk sauce with herbs and flavourings. On top of each slice we added a poached egg, each yolk a bright natural yellow.  We fried some green spinach, mushroom and tomato in coconut oil and placed this by the side of the dish and M garnished my plate with a single strawberry.  It was an exciting combination flavours and textures, satisfying, filling.  The children all ate the dish, no complaints.

Often times I hear people challenge primal eating on the grounds that it is too expensive.  I disagree.  What happens naturally is that you eat less often.  That the combination of food you make will satisfy and sustain you for longer periods and you will not notice that you have missed lunch or breakfast.  Try it and see.

On that note too, good things do happen if you stay open to the possibility.  On the way back from IKEA we called into the co-op for something for tea.  We happened upon the reduced aisle and were staggered to see a huge amount of meat and fish reduced to rock bottom prices and by that I mean reduced by over 80%.  M and I loaded up the trolley with pure good quality protein, taking what we needed for the seven days ahead, planning to freeze what we could not use immediately.  These things will happen for you too.

What good things happened to you this weekend?  We would love to hear your story…

Hong Kong Phooey!

In the end, yesterday was fraught.

And as it happened, it didn’t seem to matter.  I met anything and everything that came my way head on.  Alert, calm, ready – think Hong Kong Phooey legs squat, arms raised fending off each and every custard pie: heyah, zowee, whack,Phooey Graphic take that (er….take that?)Take That  There was no rattiness, no tears, no shouting or wailing (yes, it had previously been known), I just dealt with it.  This is radical. Take note folks, this is life without sugar.  More specifically, my Paleo life without sugar addiction and the roller coaster of emotional turmoil it brings with it.  There is balance and an extraordinary sense of well-being and it is available to you too

And so, in the midst of all this, we made tea.  We had forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer,  so dashed out for some chicken breasts.  M hard-boiled six of the free range eggs we picked up last Saturday from our local supplier (see picture below).  Raiding the fridge we found lettuce, tomatoes (lovely deep red vine ripened), celery, green peppers, spinach all of which we piled into my favourite blue salad bowl. We topped this with a couple of handfuls of blueberries and some crimson pomegranate seeds.  I cut the chicken into chunks and fried this in coconut oil together with some bacon.  Everything was tossed into the salad bowl including the hard-boiled eggs.Protein & Carb Salad

There was dressing too, P made her special combination and has kindly agreed to share her recipe below.

P’s Dressing:

4 parts olive oil

3 parts balsamic vinegar

half small chilli (finely chopped)

1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)

put them into a jar and shake them up

the measurements don’t have to be perfect, just guesstimate.

Paleo is possible.  What are your experiences of sugar addiction?  Share them below, make a difference….

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