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Vegetarianism v The Worlds Healthiest Foods


Why Vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism and more so Veganism is based on a diet very high in total carbohydrate and low to none existent in saturated animal fats and animal protein, this immediately starts to raise alarm bells because of what we know about digestion and how the body responds to high levels of carbohydrate. So for this reason we are indeed right to ask why vegetarianism? However carbohydrate is actually the bodies preferred fuel, though this is only because it’s easier for it to process, more like a higher grade fuel and for this reason one must consider not just the volume but also the type of carbohydrate you consume. Refined carbohydrate is akin to high octane rocket fuel…and we’re not machines.

Carbohydrate is the only macronutrient that is ‘none’ essential…we can not just do without it but we can thrive without it.  The root cause of all obesity epidemics around the world is without any question…carbohydrate.  In addition it is carbohydrate (sugar) that is responsible for destabilising the brain function and development, couple this with a low-fat and second-rate protein from carbohydrate sources, and you’re in big trouble as nothing is more stabilising to the brain than natural dietary fat, sadly lacking in these type of diets.  Carbohydrate rich diets (sugar) damage the brain. So our initial question…Why Vegetarianism? is looking increasingly justified.

A new study out claims vegetarians have smaller brains linked to a deficiency of B vitamins found in meat and fish which would seem to fit knowing what we know about the damaging effects of sugar and a lack of natural dietary fat.  However vegetarians (vegans aside) are quick to make a counter-claim that they get vitamin B from eggs and that Americans having meat as a high proportion of their diet also suffer this deficiency.  Of course the more likely reason Americans suffer vitamin B deficiency is down to the high levels of refined carbohydrate.  This depletes serotonin and greatly depletes B vitamins needed to convert amino acids to the neurotransmitters.  Americans have a high ‘carb’ loading due to the processed foods they consume. So

Vegetarianism is not a natural choice for us humans, whom after a quick check of the skeletal and dental evidence suggests, are indeed omnivores (animals & plants).  We simply do not have physiology to process high levels of carbohydrate in our diet and stay healthy…think Insulin pancreatic cancer etc.  It is only in the developed world where we see un-natural diets of a high carbohydrate loading, where we find people consuming a diet of this type we find..obesity, heart, disease, metabolic syndrome + many more.  In cultures not exposed to processed foods (sugar) obesity is almost unheard of, but noticeable by their absence are the autoimmune and degenerative diseases mentioned before.  The case against carbohydrate but in particular refined carbohydrates is overwhelming.

The Worlds Healthiest Foods

What is the worlds healthiest food? Well having studied nutrition for many years now and having hands on experience both personally and professionally, I along with all my family only consume a natural diet free of refined carbohydrate having a high percentage of saturated (animal) fat together with a protein intake of around 20-25%. We only eat real foods, these are the nutritionally dense foods your grandmother and her mother alike new as food, these of course are the foods us humans evolved on. These are the foods we are designed to eat and our bodies know how to process efficiently, these are the foods we thrive on.

Though this was not always the case as there was a time before my studies when my our diet was as most others in the developed world. However I was 45lbs heavier and in pretty poor health on a collision course with one of those modern diseases, my wife was overweight, my youngest son had been overweight for most of his life.  Thankfully that was then and this is now, we are all lean and fit in optimal health with no medical complaints whatsoever.  In addition to this many of our clients are former Vegetarians or Vegans so we see at first hand the damaging effects this kind diet does to the bodies chemistry.

So What is the worlds healthiest food? The answer is a simple one, it is the food our caveman ancestors would recognise as food. This is natural food high in saturated animal fat, moderate animal protein and supplemented with plant carbohydrate.

Next time in the supermarket you find yourself looking at the fancy boxes enticing you to buy, ask yourself…Would a caveman know it was food?

I would also like to make one last point and that is this:  No human culture in our evolutionary history has ever adopted vegetarianism by choice.

Therefore vegetarianism is nothing more than fashionable trend and an unhealthy one at that. Why Vegetarianism? I think we may have covered that one now.

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