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Change 4 Life: Statement

PaleoWorks and the PaleoWorks Challenge have withdrawn all support and promotion of the ‘change 4 life‘ scheme due to their financial association, business and professional relationships with processed food manufacturers, in particular Coca-Cola, Mars, Kraft, Nestle and PepsiCo. PaleoWorks wish it to be known that we were never made aware of these associations and so cannot be held responsible. Further to this PaleoWorks wish it also to be known that despite several requests to quantify the ‘Change 4 Life’ model and provide justification for the dietary advice given, including requests to consider more beneficial alternatives, to date PaleoWorks has received no response.
In light of this and the above matter PaleoWorks will cease all promotional activity and association with ‘change 4 life’ the change 4 life scheme, its partners and supporters with immediate effect.

Mike Oliver – Managing Director
PaleoWorks Ltd.
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