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Pasta Mug Shot

pasta-mug-shotSome time ago,  a friend popped round for coffee.  In the kitchen,  she slips me a packet of “Pasta Mug Shot” with her cup.  Mug shot pasta hey pasta you make in a cup!  Genius!  Less than 1% fat, 17 ingredients and ready in five minutes.  So that’s dipotassium phosphate, mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids anyone?

And then well because I couldn’t let it pass and because my friend has thyroid “issues”, has struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, is constantly counting calories and always hungry, is always on a diet and always gaining weight, I said: “Please don’t eat that cr@p”

“But it’s low fat” she replied, eyes narrowing.  And just like that I found myself in full blown paleo mode (some might say rant) – (it happens when you are passionate :p) It began something like this: do you know what you are eating, is it even real? do you know how much sugar food manufacturers use to create taste in low fat food, do you know what dried glucose syrup means on your packet; do you understand the effect of insulin on you body……”  (Note to all: please rest assured I have since then reworked and reworded my paleoista speech!)

“Yes well” she replied, lips pursed together “it’s whatever works for you”

Pasta Mug Shot! classic, er……… is it me?

Princess Leia meets Jenny Craig: the perils of calorie restriction?

Princess LeiaPrompted by a link from our twitter account and well, because who can resist another celebrity weight loss tale, I found myself  gawking at Carrie Fischer (and for anybody male and of a certain age that’s Princess Leia  from Star Wars  1, 2 and 3) Carrie Fischer has lost 50lbs on a Jennie Craig diet and looks, well……..odd and kind of tight?
Took a peak at their website. It appears that this is a hugely popular weight loss plan where you purchase Jenny Craig meals and these are delivered to your door (no effort required) and seem to come complete with chocolate wafer bars (low calorie) and other assorted snack treats. The meals consist of standard western diet fayre (pasta, tuna pasta, Mediterranean pasta, granola, muesli) just in smaller portions.

This prompts the following musings on calorie restricted approaches to weight loss:

1) what happens when you stop eating the pre-packaged small portions

2) what happens when you stop relying on some else to tell you what to do

3) what happens when you are hungry (and you will be very hungry)?


1) you will re-gain the lost weight fast.

2) you will have no idea how to stop this and you will feel out of control, again

3) you will eat, long and hard.

Our message is simple: Paleo works and that’s why we promote The PaleoWorks Programme. We  want to bring you into the Paleo way and to empower you to make substantial and profound changes to your life. Our sessions are short and to the point. It is for you to go away and experiment: what works and does not work for you. Guided by your results you will know what to do to keep your weight loss stable and to move forward with your life.

What are your experiences with calorie restricted diets?

Have you been successful in keeping the weight off?

Would you like to learn more? Contact us with your comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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