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The Original Full English: Breakfast For A Caveman


Paleo Diet Breakfast - Real Health Food

Having travelled to one or two far off lands I can honestly say not just as an Englishman but also as someone extremely keen on personal well being and that of others. That the original English breakfast is one of the best in the world, but what if we made it healthy too, what if we made it a paleo diet breakfast (what is paleo?).

That was until influences from other countries and the processed food industry messed it up, with croissants, pastries, hash browns, beans and even heaven forbid potato chips.  All of which are going to send blood sugar through the roof, lay down fat tissue and generally make you feel crap an hour or so later.

Steer well clear of simple or refined carbohydrate at breakfast, that includes any vegetable cooking oil, sunflower cooking oil, margarines, bread/toast and especially fruit juices which are particularly disruptive to the body chemistry.

Go instead for bacon, eggs (free range), sausage (gluten free), mushroom, liver, belly pork, black pudding, few almonds and maybe a small tomato  all cooked in either coconut oil or ghee or some animal fat or butter.  Still hungry? finish off with cheese and Almond cookies, but of course don’t forget the Tea or Coffee.

Remember paleo works, so for weight loss good health and longevity:

Increase saturated animal fats and reduce carb’s not calories!

Breakfast has always been the largest and finest meal of the day as we ought to be waking hungry and keen after our fast. As the old proverb goes:

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner/supper like a pauper. 

A way of life  we would all do well to practice…enjoy real food as nature not scientists intended.

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