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Open Letter to Jenni Murray

jenni-murray-dukan-dietOpen Letter to Jenni Murray who writes today in the Daily Mail.  Her weight-loss diary ran in the Mail for months.  Today a contrite Jenni Murray confesses….”the shame!  I’ve lost 5 stone on the Dukan (diet) – but I’ve put it ALL back on.”

Dear Jenni

Thank you for sharing your story.

What I like about your story is this: once again it shows how readily we accept the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain as a failing in us.

Jenni writes of her weight gain:

“Did I beat myself up about it?  Of course I did knowing that I would be perceived as a failure who was LMF (lacking in moral fibre).”

Come on Jenni fight back! You are not a victim!

Listen Up…It’s not you, it’s the food you are eating!  No big deal.

With the genetic code set in your body and pre-disposing you to weight gain, you need to look deeper at what you are eating.  It’s your diet not you!  It’s your diet that has let you down.  And diet clubs such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World and the like who tell you that you can have your chocolate cake and eat it (albeit in small portions) are not helping you!  This is the reality.  Read our report on the Dukan Diet and understand how dieting doesn’t work

Ditch the processed food, lose the chocolate fudge cake and treacle sponge – lady, it has to go.  Get serious about your body.  You are beautiful: inside and out.  And don’t let the idea (concept) of “emotional eating” keep you caught in the brambles and bushes at the side of the river.  It’s just another excuse.   Those of us who have turned our backs on the processed food industry, who have trained our bodies away from sugar, away from the roller coaster of emotions sugar addiction brings are waiting to tell you how good life can be without it.

 “Emotions are merely biochemical storms in your body and brain….The healthier your biochemistry, the better the emotional forecast”. – Nora Gedgaudas

Learn how to stop emotional eating – the secret is, it doesn’t actually exist.  When you replace the horrible low-fat options, the sugar and the chemicals with good saturated fat in your food you will find that the taste of your food brings satiety at a level you will not have experienced since your childhood.  And that’s what your body wants.  That’s what your body is craving. And that’s what is going to bring you home.

Warm regards


Dukan v Paleo


Yukan...though we'll give it a miss, thanks!

We get a lot of questions asking how our way of eating differs from say the Dukan Diet or the Atkins Diet.  Well the latter two are indeed quite similar in their make up and include similar foods although at different stages.  However many of the foods and even non foods (as may better describe them) included are in fact detrimental to both health and well being. In addition both these diets are specifically geared towards weight loss results and fall short on considering long term sustainability as they are both temporary programs with one focus, losing weight.  In particular the Dukan diet severely reduces fat intake and relies upon calorie restriction and exercise to provide results. The Atkins diet fares little better as it encourages you to purchase their own brand processed foods. We will look at the Atkins diet a little closer in this series, however for now we’re going to focus on the Dukan Diet

This diet is high-protein, low fat, low carbohydrate dieting with four separate stages:

Stage 1 The first phase is protein only for up to 10 days to get into ketosis, then you alternate pure protein one day, protein and vegetables the next day until you lose the weight you want to lose, then you gradually reintroduce other food.

Stage 2 Alternate days of protein only and protein plus vegetables.

Stage 3 Gradually re-introduce “forbidden foods” – apparently this generally includes one fruit and two slices of whole grain bread per day, one serving of carbs per week (e.g. pasta), and two cheat meals (they call it “celebration meals”) per week.

Stage 4 Eat anything you like here, or that is providing you do the following: Consume 3 Tbsp of oat bran per day, one day per week eat only protein, walk 20 minutes a day and avoid all elevators/escalators.

Well doesn’t much like fun to me, boring, restrictive and has little to do with long term health or even keeping the pounds off afterwards. While this diet has some elements that are beneficial to both weight loss and health, its focus is almost entirely on providing weight loss results at the expense of long term health and long term results. This is because many of the foods advocated such as bread, pasta and the like should be avoided as they are detrimental to long term health and disrupt the bodies biochemistry leading to weight gain.

Walk 20 minutes a day and avoid all elevators and stairs? Of course the only reason for this is to make the diet work and get results faster, which is totally the wrong approach. Firstly remember exercise is a fitness tool and although it has several benefits including social interaction and may also be used by professional athletes to make the grade, it has no place in weight loss for the man or woman in the street. If you are several pounds (or even stones) overweight, just moving around is all the exercise you need worry about. Think diet as your weight loss tool.  Eating the right foods is all you need to do to achieve almost effortless weight loss. Remember exercise less, eat more (of the right foods) rather than eat less exercise more.

A major concern of the Dukan diet is it encourages it’s followers to avoid fat, in particular animal fats. To actively promote the consumption of low fat products is not only ridiculous, but also extremely dangerous and counter productive when focusing on weight loss. Fat, particularly natural dietary animal fats are an essential requirement for our health, well-being and even happiness. They should make up proportionally the biggest percentage of our diet followed by protein and lastly carbohydrate making up by far the smallest portion.

Of even greater concern is the inclusion of significant quantities of oat bran. Bran once thought to reduce colon cancer and even heart disease has now been shown to have no benefit. It was also thought to improve irritable bowel syndrome but again has now been shown to have no benefit, in contrast it is now thought to actually exacerbate the problem. Bran is used in the Dukan diet because of it’s high fibre content which slows digestion and gives the sensation of feeling fuller. But why would you want to do this? Why would you want your body to think it has had more nutrients than it has? The answer of course has to be because the foods you are eating cause you to gain weight. There is never any justification for this course of action, simply eat nutrient dense real foods in the quantities you desire and your body will naturally take care of the rest, it’s that easy! Bran has also been shown to deplete the body of calcium, zinc, iron, sterols, fats and fatty acids. In addition bran is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, autism, depression, eczema, IBS, learning disabilities, menstrual dysfunction, osteoporosis, rickets and slow childhood growth.

So lets assume that even after considering all the above you persevere with the Dukan diet and lose several pounds or even stones and realise your weight loss goal. Now what? This diet then goes on to encourage you to re-introduce the very foods that made you fat to start with. Of course you probably won’t realise this at the time or see the connection and and may well blame yourself for gaining weight (again), hey you must have eaten too much and exercised too little…wrong! You just got taken in again, as many do. Welcome to yo-yo dieting, a sure fire route to becoming obese or even morbidly obese.

As for Dukan v Paleo. Well for effortless weight loss, sustained results, optimal health and happiness, it has to be Paleo Works every time! Paleo-works-how-to-diet

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