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How To Diet: Emma’s Paleo Journey


Emma Now - Leaner, happier and in optimal health

A Life Changing Experience:


Before Paleo

I started the Paleo way of eating/life February 2011, 9 months ago. My health wasn’t good, I was exhausted and felt bloated and sick most of the time. I had followed many of the so-called ‘healthy’ diets in my life, and had been particularly seduced by a well-known low fat diet in the mid 90s, which in resulted in me eating tons of carbs such as cereal, bagels, bread and beans that I ended up desperately trying to burn off through long runs each day.

I started to put on weight on this diet, and found it almost impossible to control the amount of food I was eating. I became addicted to eating breakfast cereal, and it started to form the basis of nearly all of my meals during my first year at university. I developed IBS after several months on this low fat diet, which was so bad, it affected my attendance at university. I became so exhausted and depressed, I eventually went to a specialist, who diagnosed me with ME.


Before Paleo

Although I achieved some remission from ME after seeing a nutritionist who advised me to cut out sugar and junk for a while, my real health breakthroughs have come through following a paleo/primal way of eating. I was sceptical when my brother-in-law fitness instructor discussed some of the benefits of following a way of eating that included animal fats and coconut oil. Like many people, I had been fully brainwashed into thinking that these foods were unhealthy as they contained saturated fats.  However, after hitting yet another brick wall with my health, where I was having problems conceiving, had polycystic ovaries, and was gaining weight rapidly, I felt I was running out of options. I went to a ‘functional nutritionist’ who ran some tests showing me the extent of my health problems. I remember being shocked when he said that my body was having a ‘health crisis’, and if I had carried on eating what I was eating, I could end up with some serious health problems. The tests showed I had a parasite in my gut, my hormones were out of sync (estradiol and testosterone too high, progesterone too low). He also suspected that I had become insulin resistant. He explained that my hormones had probably been affected by my years of following a low fat diet, as they need fat to remain balanced. He put me on an eating programme that was in line with the Paleo/Primal guidelines.  Although it’s not hard to follow, it took me a while to re-programme my thinking and allow myself to eat fat again without guilt. I also had to get used to not eating sugar, grains and cereals; the foods I have been consuming in huge quantities all of my adult life.

So, 9 months into the Paleolifestyle change, I have lost 2 ½ stone, am no longer bloated after eating, no longer have a parasite, my progesterone is now within  the normal range and I have so much more energy to do things I’ve wanted to do for years in my life. I come back from work in the evenings with plenty of energy to work and play in the evenings. I feel fuller than I have for years, and enjoy the most delicious, rich food that is full of fat to help my body keep my hormones balanced.


Loving Life

People at work can’t believe I’ve lost weight eating the amount of fat I have in my food! I lost the weight at a slow, steady pace and reached an equilibrium for several months, but I wasn’t bothered; this was not just about my figure, this was about me reclaiming my life back and supporting my body to heal itself from the damage I had caused it through poor lifestyle choices. Anyway, my body has started shedding excess fat again and I’ve recently lost another 4 pounds. I never thought it was possible to have vibrant, optimal health without feeling deprived, but now I do:

Paleo Rocks!

Paleo Diet: What makes It different?

Clock-graphic-time-for-changeLook, we’ve all been there and tried it: low fat, high-fibre, special K, whole-grain, small portions, skinless chickens evenRDA-Label smaller portions.  Paleoworks says this can make us sad or worse buttoned up, closed off, shut down, missing out, caught some how in the unforgiving glare of restriction and lack.  Or significantly worse, submitting our bodies to surgery and allowing science to cut out healthy tissue to force our bodies to accept and process the industrial food that we are not genetically adapted to eat.  In the end it is simple basic and obvious for those who can see.  And for those who can see we are lucky and privileged to share this knowledge.

And so, what makes paleo different?  We target the problem by cutting out the foods that cause the chemical reactions in your body’s make-up that cause obesity, that cause you to store fat.  We harness the science of evolution to work with your body and its natural proclivities.  For weight loss to work and to sustain each and every gain made in your weight loss journey, you must develop a way to absorb paleo style eating  into your life.  And, guided by first principles, you will work it out for yourself.  Knowledge is power.  Take back control of your body, learn how to make it work for you not against you.  Take that love of food and ramp it up.selection-of-raw-uncooked-meats

What do you need to know?  Well, adding good fats back into your diet creates taste and texture and a strong sense of well-being and better still a beautiful sense of satisfaction, of a full tummy quite contrary to that empty feeling experienced after consuming processed junk food. But always remember, saturated fat is our friend as long as we keep insulin levels low.  Combine fat and sugar (and I’m talking Belgian buns, cupcakes, doughnuts, mince pies) and you will always create and lay down fat in your body.  I wish I had known that all those years ago.  Hey Weight Watchers why don’t you tell us that whilst you plug your own baked products on your programme?

That’s when paleo makes a difference…

…that’s when you know PaleoWorks!


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