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Quick Paleo Supper

paleo-cauliflower-cheeseRacing in from work tonight and thinking what to cook for tea!  Pork joint already in the oven cooking but quick side dishes in order.  Opt for cauliflower cheese (paleo style) and spring greens with butter.  Lovely simple meal.  Here’s how to fix the cauliflower cheese:


1 x cauliflower

1/2 cup of greek style natural yoghurt


grated nutmeg


fried bacon bits


spring onions or chives


Steam the cauliflower til soft.  Mash in with the yoghurt, butter and nutmeg.  Place in dish. Cover with the fired bacon bits. Sprinkle on the cheese and place under grill til  crisp and bubbling.  Sprinkle with chives on top and serve.

Note on Dairy:

Strict Paleo does NOT include dairy. However if you tolerate dairy products keeping them in your diet will give you more variety in texture and taste.  Real Greek Yoghurt (Fage Total for example is 2/3 fat (mostly saturated))  is also an excellent protein source and a great source of FAT.  Remember Paleo is not prescriptive but is an adaptable plan for sustainable healthy eating.

Keep your food choices rotated.  Don’t only eat from  a few select items you judge to be “good” for you (you’d be surprised how many of us fall into that trap)…mix it up with intermittent fasting and that long term sustainable change  will be yours for good.

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