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Getting Back On The Paleo Diet Track

off-the-diet-railsMany of the requests we have received over Christmas have asked us how to get back on the diet track following a little too much Christmas!

Food For Thought

The best advice we have is to clear out all those leftovers that are calling you to the fridge.  Lose the chocolates, the cakes and leftover treats.  Give them awayChristmas-junk-food and if that feels uncomfortable just throw them, they are not doing you any good and anyway on reflection, why would you want to inflict this junk on loved ones, friends and family?

Food For Diet

paleo-diet-pyramidNext, get back to basics.   A healthy diet must have the right balance of macronutrients to suit your lifestyle and activity level. For instance marathon and endurance athletes require and can tolerate high carbohydrate loadings, however for most of us and especially those wishing to lose weight this will be as follows;  fat, protein and some carb (start with green leafy vegetables) at each meal.  Use intermittent fasting.  This is a neat way to trick your body into ketosis and let it rest after all that over indulgence.  Practise listening to your body and finding when you are hungry.  If you are not sure if you are hungry….you are probably not! …Cont’d How To Eat and Lose Weight

Fastest Way To Lose Weight

What is the fastest way to lose weight?  You need to get your body into fat burning mode (ketosis).  It can’t do this if insulin levels are high.  And what causes high insulin levels?  High carb foods: that is junk food, for example white


What is in Coca Cola?

bread, pasta, liquid carbohydrates (pepsi, banana milkshake, coca cola, fruit smoothies ) consumption – all of these cause elevated blood sugar levels and prompt an insulin response from your body to push the blood sugar out as energy where required and to store the surplus energy as excess fat in your body.

Beware The Three Wise Dieticians

Yo-yo-dietFinally, do not panic and turn to conventional dietician wisdom!  And by that we mean the idea that to lose weight we must eat less and exercise more.  This thought process is the kind of knee jerk reaction that sends us scurrying back to weight watchers and slimming world or lighter life and continues the cycle of overeating and starvation that gets us into a mess in the first place!  Yo-yo dieting anyone?

Further reading: What Is Paleo

The Promised Land

paleo-works-how-to-diet-and-live-longerYou will find that if you have followed a paleo diet before Christmas, your body will want to go back there.  It just takes a little planning and a little thought and we are here to show you how.  Give us a call if you need some inspiration.  We’d love to hear from you

Above all, keep it simple and keep it real.

With best wishes for a very Happy New Year from all at Paleoworks!

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