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Cow and Calf - Ilkley Moor

How To Paleo: A Lifestyle in Review

This year has been about weight loss, nutrition, optimal health and longevity – How to paleo and we even looked at How to live like a mountain gorilla! (though never a serious consideration) Our aim was and is to inspire youMountain-gorilla to feel great now and in every single successive “now” long, long into your future.

Paleo eating is of course a “diet” though not in the conventional sense of the word (restriction, self-discipline, self deprivation, punishment, failure and lack anyone). No the paleo (palaeolithic) diet or caveman diet is none of the above!  This is “dieting”, Paleo works is not nor has never been about dieting. We use the our real food diet to optimise health.  Our focus is on lifestyle and well being and we are in it for the duration.  We’re improving overall health for the long term and we also know that the natural by- product of adapting to this lifestyle is effortless weight loss – a return to our natural weight.

We look at diet, stress, sleep, exercise, being outdoors and connections,.  We advocate courage, compassion and connection above all in life and are here to support you as you seek out and move to good health and longevity!

So forget “dieting” and instead revert to a different way of eating, stop shortening your life and making fat cats richer.  Do all you can to reduce stress levels.  Keep your cortisol levels down and never underestimate the powerful role of stress as a trigger for overeating. Sleep long and well.  Knowing how to paleo how gave this to us.  Sleep frees up the body to repair itself and keep us in HOMEOSTASIS.  Eight to nine hours per night should do it!  Sleep regulates mood, energy, cortisol levels and works wonders for your sex life (it’s free too)!

Exercise – take a look at this, it’s one of our favourite quotes of all time

“One of the unintended consequences of decades of terrible health advice (eat low fat foods, avoid red meat and saturated fat, do endless cardio on machines while indoors) is that being healthy becomes miserable drudgery.  Good health and diet should be joyous and life-affirming.  If it isn’t we’re doing it wrong” – J Stanton Gnolls


River Wharfe - Burnsall

Here’s what we do: walk, early morning, misty, cold, walk in darkness withpaleo-ilkley-moor torches exploring with the kids; rock climbing, tree climbing in day light hours, following the rocks up the river beck over the moors – here’s where we live it’s beautiful and its fun and it’s free !   Swim especially open water swimming – we both love it and  it’s an activity where you know you are truly alive, pull ups on a bar over the dining room door, walk running to work, after a while you will find naturally and without fuss that you want to move your body as it was designed to move and that doesn’t mean sitting behind a desk at work all day tapping on your computer!  No that only leads to extra large digits and I don’t know about you but I can live without that. So what’s the best exercise for fat burn? we’ll leave you to decide for yourself.

Get outdoors and chase the sunlight – yes difficult in winter in Britain but all this will pass and the sun will come again.  In the meantime supplement with Vitamin D this regulates mood, stress hormones and natural circadian rhythms – it gives you better sleep!  And where you do find the sun, roll up your jumper and let your belly see it feel the sun on your face and skin and soak up the rays

And finally make time to connect with new friends, with family and loved ones.  E M Forster wrote “only connect….”at the start of his masterpiece “Howards End” and this has always been a maxim for this paleo life.  Make time to meet up with other paleo friends too.  Hold food parties, swap recipes, talk about your experiences.  For every paleo connection you make you will find unexpected benefits.

So as we move into the Christmas period, we wish you well and send light and love for a great celebration!  The winter solstice has passed and the days will get brighter and longer – just you watch!  So there you have it, you know that how to paleo and that paleo works. The rest is down to you.

Happy Christmas from all at Paleo Works.Paleo-works-how-to-diet

About Paleo Works

Paleo Works Have you ever wondered how you arrived at “being overweight” and thought how difficult it is to get rid of and keep off those excess pounds? Hi, I’m Katie and together with Mike my husband, we are Paleo Works. As a busy working mum of four, I often watched others embark on weight loss progammes only to return to their start weight (and then some) shortly after reaching their target. Why was this happening? Conventional dietary wisdom would have us believe that it’s YOU who has failed. But Mike and I thought different. We felt that there had to be something wrong with that conventional dietary wisdom after all we can’t all be hopeless? So we studied intensely, sought out advice and read avidly. We questioned robustly and talked with many on various 'dieting' regimes. What we found was radical, our story has to be told, our knowledge has to be shared. So If you are ready to stop blaming your self for being overweight and ready to change your approach to weight loss then contact us and let’s get started!

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