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A Christmas Menu


A Real-Food Christmas Dinner Menu

The votes are in and planning for A Christmas Menu has begun!  All three children agree on turkey but requests are also in for pork, lamb and roast ham.  This is closely followed by a small handwritten request for sausages wrapped in bacon (not necessarily spelled correctly) from youngest son Rob although I suspect he has been put up to this by Michael?  Anyway requests for vegetables on the Christmas day menu seem few and far between and so it’s down to me to choose these for the big day.

For me a Christmas menu has to have sweet potato chips (also wrapped in bacon), stuffing based on sausage meat chestnut puree and roast chestnuts, mashed cauliflower and a very delicious looking broccoli and cauliflower roast made dauphinoise by the addition of coconut milk, nutmeg and butter.  Brussel sprouts have a brief look in (on the grounds of tradition) amidst groans from our daughter remembering the bitter taste and chewy, slightly rubbery consistency of the sprouts my mum used to serve up for Sunday Roast!  May be just may be I’ll let these go this year?

Paleo Christmas Dinner Menu then – not so hugely different from any other menus for Christmas dinner we have sampled before, though infinitely better in the sense that we will eat and enjoy the taste of good fat poured over the roast and scraped off the bottom of the roasting tray to make delicious rich flavour some thick gravy.  We will gorge, we will be very satisfied, but we won’t get sick, fat or fall asleep….Can’t wait!

What will be on your Christmas dinner menu this year?  Make it a real-food Christmas dinner menu and thrive!

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