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Make It a Full Fat Paleo Christmas

A Not So Paleo Christmas


To Pie or Not To Pie

It’s cold and raining and I am on my way home from work looking forward to our usual full fat paleo dinner, when I see a friend struggling up hill with arm loads of shopping.  I pull over and offer a lift.  Later as we drive on in companionable silence the woman shares that this Christmas is proving to be a tough one.  Money is tight with an ever growing list of presents to buy and the Christmas Dinner to order and collect and no prospect of purchasing this til payday which is perilously close to Christmas Day itself, her fears were mounting.  Struggling to contain her worries it turns out my friend had told her teenage son of the cash flow problems (in an attempt to reassure him) only to hear him say “but mum, there will be nothing left”

It had been a long day at work and now walking home in the rain and passing the bakers shop, my (sugar addicted) friend had been tempted by a large sign in the window for reduced cakes: swiss rolls at £1.75 each.  Three had found their way into her shopping bag.  Familiar story?  Food…..makes it all better?

The connection between being eating and being happy is probably stronger at this time of year than at any other point?  We all want a rosy Christmas of open fires and snow and hot roasted chestnuts and egg nog and ho-ho-ho but the reality is we can feel overwhelmed by expectations and memories.  Combine this with thick slabs of fruit cake. Christmas chocolates, mince pies and alcohol and you have a potent recipe for unhappiness as your blood sugar fires up and out of control giving way to the roller coaster of emotional highs and lows and all the stories we attach to those feelings: not being good enough, letting the children down, shame and inadequacy.   The reality is they are just thoughts which occur as a result of bio-chemical reactions in your body to sugar.

A Full Fat Paleo Christmas


Christmas before industrial food

Life is a fantastically short experience. So be good to yourself and make it a full fat Paleo Christmas, don’t spend it caught up in misery.  The point is that you have the ability to stop these feelings in their tracks by addressing what you are eating and not giving into old behaviours!  It’s a fact that  a Paleo style (real food) diet will give you control over your blood sugar and buy you balance and perspective (a breathing space) and from that point, you can make your decisions.

So, to my friend, yes time are tough, yes cash flow is difficult and yes present shopping has been delayed but it is coming as is food on the table for Christmas lunch.  So tell me how cake is going to help you and stale cake at that?  Don’t you deserve more than second best left overs? Go home and look at what you have.  Take a deep breath and keep moving.  A Full Fat Paleo Christmas is coming and this year, we are going to make our own memories….

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