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A Nice Bit of Pork

red-healthy-heart-platePork!  Delicious! Good British pork marbled with fat and full of flavour.  Don’t fall into the trap of buying lean fast-growing imported pork the kind you will find on buy one get one free offers in your local super market.  You want pork marbled with fat for seriously good flavour.   Did you know that because of our obsession with pork loin and pork chops we import millions of tonnes of those cuts into the UK while exporting all the shoulders, belly and hock cuts abroad?! Who signed us up to that then?  Whatever happened to freedom of choice? And why?  Because we are told it’s unhealthy and that saturated fat causes heart disease.

Read this next bit slowly because it may shock you….!

There is no study that proves a consistent association between saturated fat and heart disease.  In fact a study to prove this has not yet been done!  Confused? Here, try this from your Government:

“There has been no controlled clinical trial of the effect of decreased dietary intake of saturated fatty acids on the incidence of coronary heart disease nor is it likely that such a trial will be undertaken” (COMA – Committee On Medical Aspects, 1984″Diet and Cardiovascular Disease: Report of the Panel on Diet in Relation to Cardiovascular Disease” out of print )

“It has been accepted by experienced coronary disease researchers that the perfect controlled dietary trial for prevention of coronary heart disease has not yet been done and we are unlikely to ever see it done” (A Stewart Truswell “Review of Dietary intervention studies: effect on coronary events and on total mortality” Australian New Zealand Journal of Medicine (1994)

Still with me?

We are told to eat low-fat.  You can’t look at the “science” behind the theory of low fat without introducing Professor Professor-Ancel-KeysAncel Keys.  Before Keys, the scientific community mostly agreed that insulin, not dietary fat was the primary driver of fat metabolism anyway!  Then along came Professor Keys whose fatally flawed “Seven Countries” study was so publicised and heralded by the national media it was no longer considered an unproven hypothesis but was now registered in the people’s subconscious as fact and you’ve heard his conclusion often: “you are what you eat”  Thus if you eat dietary fat (in particular saturated fat) your body will turn to fat.  Beautiful in it’s simplicity and very marketable as an idea.  Health professionals and the food industry climbed on board and before you could say “Jack Robinson”,  Keys unsupported hypothesis was enshrined in collective consciousness as unassailable truth!  Ah yes the role of the media…that’s a whole nother story……Click here for the truth about  Ancel Keys and his study.

Saturated fat won’t put you at risk of developing cardio vascular heart disease as long as you are also limiting your carbohydrate intake.  And the best way to do that is to eat a paleo style diet.

Roast Pork Shoulder

Roast-pork-with-sauceThis from Jamie Oliver (a distant relation)! who gets more paleo every day….

Serves 6 – 8

4.5lbs bone-in pork shoulder , skin on (crackling yum)

2 red onions halved

2 carrots peeled and halved lengthways

2 sticks of celery chopped in half

1 garlic bulb broken into cloves skin on

1 branch of bay leaves (?!)

1 swig of sherry (and one for the cook – might change it to red wine)

1 pt of water or stock

How to do it:

Turn it up high ( the oven) 220ºC /gas mark 7.

Score the pork skin and fat with cuts 1cm (1/2 inch) apart.  Rub in some sea salt season the underside with salt and pepper.  Place in the tray and cook for 30 mins or until the skin starts to turn into crackling.  Reduce the heat to 180ºC/gas mark 4

Cook for another hour, remove the pork from the oven and leave to rest on a board.  Add the vegetables and bay leaves to the tray, stirring into the fat.  Place the pork on top, baste with fat and return to the oven for one hour or until tender.  If not done, cook for another 30 mins and check again.

When cooked, lift out the pork, cover with tin foil and leave to rest.

Meanwhile spoon any fat out of the tray, mash the vegetables and add sherry, scraping the bottom of the tray.  Add the stock, boil then simmer for  few minutes til the gravy looks like gravy should!  Strain and serve with the pork.


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