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Paleo Diet: What makes It different?

Clock-graphic-time-for-changeLook, we’ve all been there and tried it: low fat, high-fibre, special K, whole-grain, small portions, skinless chickens evenRDA-Label smaller portions.  Paleoworks says this can make us sad or worse buttoned up, closed off, shut down, missing out, caught some how in the unforgiving glare of restriction and lack.  Or significantly worse, submitting our bodies to surgery and allowing science to cut out healthy tissue to force our bodies to accept and process the industrial food that we are not genetically adapted to eat.  In the end it is simple basic and obvious for those who can see.  And for those who can see we are lucky and privileged to share this knowledge.

And so, what makes paleo different?  We target the problem by cutting out the foods that cause the chemical reactions in your body’s make-up that cause obesity, that cause you to store fat.  We harness the science of evolution to work with your body and its natural proclivities.  For weight loss to work and to sustain each and every gain made in your weight loss journey, you must develop a way to absorb paleo style eating  into your life.  And, guided by first principles, you will work it out for yourself.  Knowledge is power.  Take back control of your body, learn how to make it work for you not against you.  Take that love of food and ramp it up.selection-of-raw-uncooked-meats

What do you need to know?  Well, adding good fats back into your diet creates taste and texture and a strong sense of well-being and better still a beautiful sense of satisfaction, of a full tummy quite contrary to that empty feeling experienced after consuming processed junk food. But always remember, saturated fat is our friend as long as we keep insulin levels low.  Combine fat and sugar (and I’m talking Belgian buns, cupcakes, doughnuts, mince pies) and you will always create and lay down fat in your body.  I wish I had known that all those years ago.  Hey Weight Watchers why don’t you tell us that whilst you plug your own baked products on your programme?

That’s when paleo makes a difference…

…that’s when you know PaleoWorks!


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