Cavemen and Girls: Like Monday’s

Miserable Drudgery

Ok so it’s Monday morning and as I remember not a good time for many struggling to find the motivation to get themselves to work, wrestling with half asleep children in the fight to get them off to school,  worrying about this and stressing about that. It can all seem to much for many, so where do they turn? Well a small minority will reach for something stronger but most will choose to self medicate with…Sugar! a couple of spoons in a hot drink, slice of toast, muffin, crumpets, cereal with milk and extra sugar, it’s everywhere, even in so called health foods (the manufactured variety). But hang on a minute is there a connection with the afore mentioned physiological/psychological state many experience not just on a Monday morning but throughout their lives?

Absolutely, definitely, without a shadow of doubt. Sugar can never make it easier, it’s making it worse…much worse!

“One of the unintended consequences of decades of terrible health advice (eat low fat foods, avoid red meat and saturated fat, do endless cardio on machines while indoors) is that being healthy becomes miserable drudgery.  Good health and diet should be joyous and life-affirming.  If it isn’t we’re doing it wrong” – J Stanton Gnolls 

Joyous and Life Affirming

For those of you that have forgotten or have no knowledge, here’s a clue…

Life can be truly amazing…

Live it!

About Paleo Works

Paleo Works Have you ever wondered how you arrived at “being overweight” and thought how difficult it is to get rid of and keep off those excess pounds? Hi, I’m Katie and together with Mike my husband, we are Paleo Works. As a busy working mum of four, I often watched others embark on weight loss progammes only to return to their start weight (and then some) shortly after reaching their target. Why was this happening? Conventional dietary wisdom would have us believe that it’s YOU who has failed. But Mike and I thought different. We felt that there had to be something wrong with that conventional dietary wisdom after all we can’t all be hopeless? So we studied intensely, sought out advice and read avidly. We questioned robustly and talked with many on various 'dieting' regimes. What we found was radical, our story has to be told, our knowledge has to be shared. So If you are ready to stop blaming your self for being overweight and ready to change your approach to weight loss then contact us and let’s get started!

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