Daily Archives: October 16, 2011

Bringing Home the Bacon

Do you know something? That soup was so good we had it for breakfast too. With a boiled egg and a piece of asparagus each to dip! The children ate a thick slice of ham and a fried egg on top as there was not enough soup to go round. That’s the bit I love on other posts “leftovers” with a family of five you’re lucky if you keep your fingers attached to your hand when the meal hits the table…..

We are heading off walking today to Ingleborough to have a look at the big cave – because it’s raining and we could all do with a walk to blow away some cobwebs, have a little family time..

Frozen-bacon-shreddedThis brings me to lesson number 1 of the day. Never send husband to Costco on his own with the cheque card. Swiftly followed by lesson number 2. If you do have a sudden rush of blood to the head and allow this to happen, never allow him to put the bulk buys away in the freezer on his own when Manchester United v Liverpool is on the television. Result? 3llbs of bent oddly shaped bacon stuffed in the freezer and two wasted hours trying to chip away enough bacon to feed the family for breakfast!!

Whatever you are doing have a good one ..

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