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The Future’s Bright

Paleo-chinese-lanternTalking to a friend this afternoon I noted her pessimism as the weather starts to turn. Here in the UK we are divided over the use of British Summertime and are waiting for the clocks to turn back at the end of October. This brings with it dark mornings oh and dark evenings so those of us at work don’t see much sunlight….and it rains …. a lot !
I like the changing seasons and I like the sentiment behind Christmas (if not religious) that brings with it a festival of light in the darkest of dark months. But for my friend, now begins a time of fear and trepidation characterised by the pull to bread and cakes, sticky puddings and custard and the subsequent ‘battle of the bulge‘.

Well that’s one way but I would say it’s not the only way. Yes the weather is turning, the seasons changing and the dark nights are drawing in. There’s a lot to celebrate too. Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and we are definitely partying on that night this year, proper bonfire proper fireworks, proper fun…Christmas, New Year and New Life. Celebrate with us.Bonfire-sparklerWe will share with you our approach to the autumnal/winter months. We hope this will see you through.

This way of life is based on the only diet that we human beings are genetically adapted to live. It is not a fad diet. It has a history reaching back over two million years and is tried and tested through evolution and natural selection. So for now, I will simply say to you what I said to my friend, don’t succumb to crazy food just because the weather’s colder.

Adapt your diet , keep it simple, keep it real!

Paleo Breakfast Eggs


Paleo Mashed Eggs and Butter

Hehe …just walked away from the best breakfast I have had in a long time.  It wasn’t big and it wasn’t flash but my belly feels warm and full and good, satiated….and if you have ever wanted to truly know how that feels, try this: mashed boiled eggs with butter and an inch of thick bacon.  It’s blissfully easy.  You cook it like it says in the header.  Boil those eggs and mash them with the freshest loveliest butter you can find.  Add a dash of seasoning.  While the eggs boil, fry up a small thick piece of bacon, make those flavours really intense and slip on top the mashed egg.  A thin sliver of vine ripened tomato completes the dish but if you are not into pretty, skip that last ingredient.  Eat and enjoy.



4 Med Free range/organic eggs

50g Goats Butter (St Helens Farm)

1 Tomato

Salt/Pepper to taste

What’s your favourite easy breakfast?

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