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More Bad News for Obesity Sufferers

Weight-Watchers-CakeWe’re worried!  Yet more bad news for obesity sufferers as pharmaceutical retail giant Boots the chemist is all set for a major push into the weight loss market. Boots the chemist is all set to join forces with fad diet giants Weight Watchers to sell its branded products  through Boots the chemist stores.

This is a disappointing development for millions of desperate individuals searching for guidance for sustainable weight loss.  Yet Boots (reported today by the Daily Mail as selling prescription diet pills to under-age girls online) have said that they want to be the principal source of advice in the UK for weight loss and that they intend to back this up with advertising and special sections in store.

Scary – why?  Because the dietary advice they push is conventional wisdom based on recommended guidelines to eat less and exercise more supplemented by quick fix pills and convenience food.

The group, which has almost 2,500 UK stores ranging from small pharmacies to large health and beauty outlets, is said to want to become the principal source of advice in the UK for weight loss and will back this up with advertising and more clearly defined sections in stores.

If the initial campaign gets a good response it could be extended to include advice in stores and other services, it is understood.

The company, which was taken private in an £11.1 billion takeover in 2007, last year became the third UK retailer to post profits of more than £1 billion behind Tesco and Marks & Spencer. The group employs around 75,000 staff in the UK.

Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron said drastic action was needed on obesity to prevent health costs soaring and life expectancy falling.

Obesity could soon overtake smoking and drinking as the biggest health challenge facing Britain, the Prime Minister added.

Boots declined to comment. – Source: Yahoo News

Is this the way to tackle the war on obesity? What do you think?

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