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Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce:

This dish was perfect.  If you are wondering what to serve for tea and the wind is whipping up a storm outside and you have staggered home from work to a house full of kids like me, focus and keep it simple.

I took a block of beef mince (enough to feed five), added two eggs and half a cup of almond flour, about three cloves of garlic and a bit of seasoning.  This I “squidged” by hand (felt so good after a long day at work) and then formed into meatballs rubbing the mixture round between my palms.  I stuck them in the fridge for ten minutes.

To make the sauce I took two tins of chopped tomatoes and added a carton of passata and a bit of tomato puree, seasoned to taste (although I thought it was already quite salty).  On a whim I chucked in some chilli seasoning and then getting carried away, a spoonful of balsamic vinegar.  I let the sauce bubble and reduce then took the meatballs outta the fridge and fried them gently in coconut oil til the meat had browned up and the inside was cooked.

I served this with some leafy green veg and the colour was bright and autumnal.  I reckon this would be good as a kind of teenager snack.  Make the meatballs a little smaller and spice them up a little with some chilli seasoning?  Very snack-able or packed lunch-able straight from the fridge and upon returning home from school.

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