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Defending the Truth.

Organutan-thinkingThere have been lots of Steve Jobs quotes knocking around the internet following his early demise, hey @paleoworks even used his thoughts for a quote of the day which was for me particularly moving.  Early this evening I found another couple of lines which have inspired me to write this post. M and I have been engaged in various debates recently regarding different slimming clubs and their approach to weight loss.  Both of us have come under attack trying to put forward a different view to challenge conventional wisdom and to be honest it has been quite extraordinary the level of response we have received.  It appears to both of us that people have deeply vested interests in proving that Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley: the calorie counting, restricting and for us, unhappy approach to life and weight loss, work. We advocate a simpler path.  That’s all.  Why do we as a nation feel that we don’t deserve it simple?  That we have to strive and suffer, to battle?  The Paleo works challenge is about good health.  It’s about feeling full and content, satisfied after each meal.  It’s about eating when hungry and not eating too.  It’s about choice.  And it’s about taking away the constant thinking about food and creating the space for you to go out and live the rest of your life. Those who take up the challenge have lost the weight and have conquered years of declining health.  Think about it: no other animal in nature requires calorie counting or “syn” values for “treats”.  As long as they eat the food they were designed to eat they have normal weight!  Why should the human race be any different: why should YOU be an exception.  Take up the challenge.  Trace your diet back and eliminate the foods you were not designed to eat.  Unravel this and you will return to normal weight. Feel  free to contact us for further information.  Sharing is fun….

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