New School Day

chocolate in the pre-paleo lifeIt’s just a thought but I am sitting here watching the clock waiting for our youngest son to return from his first day at the Big School.  We have been through a lot to reach this point and it is a milestone for us all.  He trotted off this morning in his new uniform, pack up (paleo of course) and pencil case firmly in his bag, shoulders set resolutely against the storm brewing (and it was a Big storm), all offers of a lift refused.  He had plans you see, plans to meet up with half the soccer team (also their first day) which appeared to revolve around  criss-crossing half of Ilkley to pick everyone up before heading up the hill to school.  Hence the early start.

He set his alarm clock for 6.30 and was ready and dressed by 6.32!  We made a cooked breakfast together scrambled eggs in butter with bacon added while he packed up his lunch.  We kept it simple, two chicken drumsticks, slices of pepper, a handful of cherries and strawberries.  He also took some water in bottle and I think his dinner looked colourful and good.  And now the school day is nearly over.  I don’t often have the chance to be home when he gets back due to work commitments however today with the crazy business that is our house move across town, I am here.  And it feels good and its funny how something as small as that can make me happy.

And that thought I had at the start of the post?  Well it was simply that in a previous (pre-paleo) life I would have gone to the store and brought him chocolate to welcome him back.  Today I can give him a big hug and my time.  I will be present with him for as long as it takes to hear the stories of friends made, teachers doing their thing, the number of times he was checked for his shirt hanging out and the good bits.  And for both of us, that will be more than enough.  Life has become simpler and more direct.  And that’s the power of paleo!

Have you been part of a new day today?  Share with us, tell us your story, we’d love to hear!


About Paleo Works

Paleo Works Have you ever wondered how you arrived at “being overweight” and thought how difficult it is to get rid of and keep off those excess pounds? Hi, I’m Katie and together with Mike my husband, we are Paleo Works. As a busy working mum of four, I often watched others embark on weight loss progammes only to return to their start weight (and then some) shortly after reaching their target. Why was this happening? Conventional dietary wisdom would have us believe that it’s YOU who has failed. But Mike and I thought different. We felt that there had to be something wrong with that conventional dietary wisdom after all we can’t all be hopeless? So we studied intensely, sought out advice and read avidly. We questioned robustly and talked with many on various 'dieting' regimes. What we found was radical, our story has to be told, our knowledge has to be shared. So If you are ready to stop blaming your self for being overweight and ready to change your approach to weight loss then contact us and let’s get started!

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