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Blackberries (featuring Hurricane Irene)

Our blackberries up closeBack from tea time romp on Ilkley Moor, I’m sure Hurricane Irene has changed course and is currently passing over,  my ears are singing but its exhilarating too.  Back home and we left thick belly pork slices cooking in the oven.

On the way we pass the forest where the brambles are and we stop the car to take a look.  We are so happy to find the blackberries tucked away in a corner. Dark  purple and shiny hiding under the leaves, we grab Rob’s hat and start gathering.  The children love it climbing over the fence to reach the fattest berries, shouting out when the bramble thorns catch their trouser legs, cursing and laughing at the same time.  M directs loudly, his broken rib (sustained during a playfight with one of our boys) making him opt out for once.Windswept boys

We load up once more and drive home.  The door opens to a delicious smell of roasting meat, fat sizzling in the pan.  M opens the fridge door and grabs a bit of liver left over from breakfast and P and me start to make a salad.  We had no idea what we were going to serve with the meat but the dinner seems to grow and take shape without effort.  We throw in spinach leaves, lettuce leaves and P takes some leaves off the herb plants growing on the window sill.  Baby tomatoes, cucumber, cress and then some old polish smoked sausage from the back of the fridge goes in and then because those blackberries look so darn good we chuck in two handfuls of them too!  P makes a dressing and tea is ready.

And doing paleo really is as easy as that.  Do you have a paleo Sunday tea you can share with us?  Get in touch and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Introducing the Fat Magnet!

This post could be about my next door neighbour who is, I am reliably informed by my 13 year old (and his Dad), a” babe” (and therefore a certain type of “magnet”) and who eschews fat.  But no.  Instead for all you Sunday morning optimists, we bring you THIS beauty!  The world’s first anti paleo device (and probably not the last).

My God!

A magnet to remove fat, and that's a good thing?

Fat.  Energy on tap.  Delicious.  Guaranteed satisfaction.  Once you get past all the artery clogging mis-information (and this gadget fits neatly in there) and begin to focus on the benefits of eating unprocessed good saturated fats for your diet, you are more than half way home.

What does fat mean to you? Do you try to avoid it? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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