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The Paleo Diet: What it Is and Why it Works

I’m on a very strict meal plan (Yaul Grauer)

I’ve been eating grass-fed ground beef, steak skewers, pecan-crusted chicken, pork and fish. I’ve been eating eggs, sausage, yams, deviled eggs, cabbage slaw and curry. I’ve been eating spice-rubbed chicken, salmon salad, and pear salad with balsamic vinegar. I’ve been eating shrimp with red onion, garlic, green bell peppers, salsa verde and chili powder — served with romaine lettuce leaves, spinach, mango and lime. My fridge is filled to the brim with fresh, local, and organic fruit and vegetables of all colors, and my freezer is full of grass-fed beef, turkey, lamb, and chicken. I haven’t been scrimping on fat, either. I cook my nutrient-dense meals with coconut oil and olive oil, and eat plenty of avocados and macadamia nuts and even a little bit of almond butter.

What’s missing from this list? Added sugar. Alcohol. Milk. Cheese. Grains. Legumes. I’ve decided to spend 30 days eating a strict Paleo diet….click here to read more of Yael’s  experiences.

An Unexpected Bonus

Fairy StoryIn life it seems we each carry our own story.  These stories define us, make us who we are.  And we hold onto these stories to excuse our lack, no matter what: my husband left me for another woman – I must be fat,  my mother abandonned me at birth – I must be sad, I have red hair so life will be challenging – I’m sure you can find your own story and fill in the gaps.  And for some it can be a very lonely place..

We went primal over a year ago.  At first it was about weight loss, food, exercise but somewhere down the line I became aware that this had become a lifestyle and there was no going back.  And with that came the realisation that my story had gone, I had stopped living my life from that place.  Every choice every decision made now comes from a much simpler place: will it make me feel better and not just better but fantastic.  And that is for me, the wholly unexpected bonus of living this paleo life.

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